Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Letters Short

Well I've decided to abandon the alphabet thing with xyz left. It was somewhat laaame to not do it in the month allotment, so I'm abandoning it. Oh well. Maybe I'll do NaBloPoMo's October theme and stick with it!

So it's the weekend and it's a rainy weekend at that, which means that there will be much inside time. Sometimes that's a disappointment because I just want to be out in the fresh air, but with practically all of fall left, I'm not going to stress about not being out of doors. Besides, there's a ton to accomplish this weekend. I've finally kicked the depressing funk that had been settling around me (hahahah haven't cried in TWO DAYS! I'm cured! lol) and now I'm ready to take action, which I am sure Jamaal will be happy to hear since he was sort of like "stop wallowing and figure your sh*t out" (in a very supportive way, btw, not unsympathetic. he knows I need a kick in the ass sometiems though).

Anyways, so I've assigned myself a TON of tasks for the weekend, but unlike the past few weekends, I feel like my tasks are reasonable. It's not something like "make a whole quilt" though technically I could probably get the log cabin one I have on the to do list done! No instead I'm going to be accomplishing reasonable tasks, hopefully meeting attainable goals and not be irrational trying to do ridiculous things that would require 6 more hours added to the day, and instead crossing one thing off my list and feeling like a failure, I'm gonna DO the list. Boo-yah.

First up is buying girl party favor supplies. Amy and I are hosting a girl party in a week - you know in my parent's home, in which we live rent free :D We have an artistic vision for the night, nothing to insane, but it's gonna be a fantastic party. Amy bought some amazing favors and they arrived yesterday - well ok they didn't start as favors but they are becoming favors! I have to go by the Paper Source today to buy some paper and ribbon as well as a decorative box/wrap to wrap Jam's goddaughter's bday gift in. *Aside - Jam's goddaughter, Lilian, is turning two and is one of the frickin' cutest kid's I've EVER seen. I got to buy her clothes and a book - because we always need something educational - and I had the most fun doing it. I told Jamaal we must have a girl child. the end*

What else is up for the weekend? Getting my pictures of flickr, all of them, up to date. I'm not gonna stress about getting them labeled right away, but I want to load all of them on the site, and then burn my pics to CD and put them in our fire-proof safe. This may sound ridiculous, but we were talking about natural disasters/fires/losing homes the other day and my family all agreed that while it would be positively devastating to have to leave your home and evacuate and then LOSE it without being able to take things with you, the most heartbreaking thing to lose would be photographs. I laughed and said if our house was ever on fire, I'll be out of my room, right after I chuck out my scrapbooks. Then seriously we talked about how we need to take better care of our "archives" - we need burn digital pics onto CD and get negatives into the safe. My Africa negatives are in a shoebox in the safe right now. It probably seems silly, but I can't even tell you how upset I'd be if I lost those, so it's time to be proactive and back up some stuff. My father had my parent's wedding album set to music and put on DVD recently and while it was a nice gift just to give my mom, it was also really really smart. We can copy that and put it in the safe. Very smart. So there's that.

What else? Oh, I'm in charge of steaming the clothes that we're donating to Interfaith Services' Back to Work Program. My cousin Catherine had a number of very stylish and very tiny (size 2 & 4) business outfits that would be perfect for a woman going to an interview or even into the office every day. Understandably, Interfaith has pretty strict rules about the condition at donation, which means I have make sure everything is pressed and hanging. It shouldn't be too bad of an operation though, as we'll just put the clothes on a rack in the garage and I'll drag the steamer out to them.

Organize craft projects will be next. This actually isn't a hard project or a tedious time-suck one. I've just been lazy.

Design an embroidery square for Colby and Gidon's wedding quilt (long story).

Make an exercise schedule.

Clean the bird cages.

Work on Colby and Gidon's wedding gift.


Frame/print some new pics for room and office

Actually, this is quite a pleasant weekend I have planned here. Save the bird cage thing (yick).

I will feel accomplished if I get to all this this weekend. Maybe I will even do more....!! Like finish two certain wedding gifts for two special couples who got married nearly 5 and 6 months ago! (oh the shame - though they're both the type of couples who would be delighted however late the gift I think.....M & K because they don't expect it and J & D because they're so chill - right EE?!) so yeah. It will be a good weekend. I feel it in my bones. And next weekend? Even better. :D YAY!

Post Picture: Jam's goddaughter, Miss Lilian, A Very "Cool Chick" (her words)


Elizabeth said...

Suuuuper chill...and they've forgotten all about it by now. It will be such an excellent surprise, whenever it's done!

:) EE

Elizabeth said...
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