Friday, August 15, 2008

I Heart Nas Times ONE BILLION!

So I knew nothing about this Olympiad's US Women's Gymnastics team. I don't know how I got so out of touch. I mean, being from Massachusetts I heard a bit about Alicia Sacramone, but I couldn't really match faces to names. For some reason, during the prelims, I decided that I was a Nastia Liukin fan. I don't even know why. Just decided I liked her style, she did NOT seem like a drama queen at all, seemed genuine in her friendships with her teammates, and was a tremendous athlete. Oh, and knew how to take a fall and get right back up and shake it off. WHAT A WOMAN!
Naturally last night, I was rooting like crazay for "Nas" and it sooo paid off. She rocked. Thus continues my mad mad Olympic love. Sigh. If only synchro were primetime!!


Elizabeth said...

Hey! Have you watched synchro on NBC Olymics online yet? A-MA-ZING. Someday will you teach me how to spin upside down properly? I know you tried once and I wasn't convinced, but those Olympians all do it the way you said! Who knew! Meanwhile, I saw Shelese again, the N.D. from Colorado and I won't be eating wheat, dairy, sugar, or tomatoes anymore, so by the time we get in the pool, I should fit into my swimsuit!

Oh and I'll have lots more energy and feel better mentally and physically too. Yeah...apparently that's what happens when you finally agree that Ben and Jerry make your tummy hurt, pastries make you tired, tomatoes (even the ones you've been growing all summer) make your tush hurt when you poo, and sugar is just bad for everyone and you weren't granted immunity. So watch the Olympics and let's hang out again soon! I love you!

P.S. I might have rehearsal during the next bookclub, but if I don't what in god's name am I going to eat? How do the Italians do it?? It's a good thing I decided not to spend the next year in Italy!!

Elizabeth said...

Amy, I'm sorry for the tush overshare. I know it made you cringe and I'm sorry for that. I bet you're glad to hear it won't be hurting anymore though!

Al said...

lol no worries at all, my life is an overshare. Yes, one day I can teach you, but I bet you are already there! Though I did just cancel my family's gym membership, so we might have to wait til next summer :P

Wow I hope you are feeling better soon. I cringe to think of all the bad things I put in my body (like the coffee I am drinking right now) We will have to have EE friendly options at our all girl's party (October 4th) Is alcohol ok? LOL

EEEk - maybe a salad @ bookclub?

Yes, let's hang out and not communicate on my blog!!