Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today I was reading the Subversive Cross Stitch blog.
My friend Rachel gave me the book, which I adore. I've made a couple things from the book, including housewarming hand towels and have ordered a pattern from the site. I'm plotting another housewarming gift and just finished a subversive cross stitch belated birthday gift, so I thought I'd visit the site. On the blog, Julie Jackson mentions that a "Debbie Downer" wrote her a review on Amazon. I read it. I don't know what got into me, but that review just went right up my ass, to the point where I wrote my first ever Amazon review. HA! Take that, bitches. Anyways, the person said:

I don't own this book, but looked through it at a the home of an acquaintance. I think it's sad that people would focus hours of creative artistic effort to produce ugly sentiments. Before you buy this book, please ask yourself if what you choose to focus on, to create and display in your home, might have a subtle effect on your health, happiness, and life.

There are loads of cross stitch books from which you can produce works of art that are inspiring and help to create an environment of peace, beauty and well-being. I hope you'll choose one, because there is enough hatefulness and sarcasm in this world.

The author took it well and she was kinda like "oh I guess some people don't get it."
Ahem. CLEARLY. CLEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry but these designs are effing hilarious. My mother, who is a somewhat reserved woman who doesn't really like swears especially the F-bomb, laughed all the way through this book. Why? Because it's funny. It's not intense or serious, it's not sick or twisted or hating on anyone, it's just damn funny. A pattern with bees on it saying "Beeyatch" oh my God, I'm so offended I think I'll have to go meditate on the world that's so full of hate and then buy a Thomas Kincaid cross stitch pattern so I can cross stitch a pastel lighthouse and hang it on my wall and think of the peace and love that should be filling the craft world (ps not hating on Thomas Kincaid cross stitch. There's a time and a place, just like there's a time and a place for subversive cross stitch, which is all the time, everywhere pretty much) Besides, if you hated someone, really hated them, why would you ever plan out and spend time cross stitching them something from Subversive Cross Stitch just to make them feel bad? Um you wouldn't, and if you did, you've got waaaay bigger problems than I can address in this post. These designs are for you and your friends who have a sense of humor, or anyone who doesn't have a large stick up their ass.

Finally, I find it ironic that someone who writes about there being enough "hate in the world" would write a post hating on someone's labor of love, perhaps even their sole means of support. C'mon the author isn't selling drugs or running a sweat shop, she's designing crafty goodness to bring some humor back into the world of crafting. I wish I could show the reviewer a picture of my friend when she received her very own "Pussy got me Dizzay" Subversive Cross Stitch Apron.....Eh, she'd probably be offended anyways. Rock on Subversive Cross Stitchers!
EE with her bday spoils :)


elizabeth said...

Ok, so now that I have FABULOUS new roommates who TALK and put up colorful! fun! exciting! decorations! and windchimes! and plants!, you should know that there is an Allison Crosby Subversive Cross-Stitch Commemorative Wall now on permanent display in our kitchen.

It looks fabulous. And, clearly, you rule. :)

Come on over and check it out!
Mad Love, E

Excalibur said...

People need to learn not to take things so seriously. I found the book quite hilarious. And you know how much I loved the Pussy Got Me Dizzay Smock, LOL.

Al said...

Thanks for the invite EE Can't wait! And thank you both for your wonderful senses of humor :)