Friday, May 11, 2007

I owe you all

a Bronx Zoo post with pictures.

I haven't done this yet because I have been sick with some flu/cold deal where it hurt to swallow. So I didn't eat, which I'm sure didn't help my other symptoms: headachy, fevery, stuffy and generally miserable. The throat almost stopped hurting, today I ate three meals a day, and I managed to work for nearly a full day without passing out, but it's 10, and I'm just too tired to blog, and the cement-like mucus that is still lodged in my sinuses is aggravating me, so I will post tomorrow. I swear :) Night night. LOVE ALLISON


elizabeth said...

ALLISON. YOU HAVE WHAT I HAVE. YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS. STAY HOME AND SLEEP. And as soon as I figure out what Cerri and her Mom's homeopathic remedies are, I will email them to you. There's no medicine a doctor can give us - it's a virus - and this bug SUCKS. (I woke up last night at 1 am with a fever of 101.9) Cerri's family doesn't take traditional meds at all, and they're still alive, so I trust them.

In the meanwhile, QUARUNTINE YOURSELF WOMAN! And drink Throat Coat tea -- Cerri said this really helps.

Love, E

Al said...

Thanks lady. I seem to be coming out of it luckily, though as usual have pushed myself too hard, tried volunteering and everything and am now about to pass out in bed. I'm glad I've been washing my hands like a fiend, I'd hate to pass this on to someone. I would love to know the remedies if you find out, the mucus is KILLING ME!

Rachel said...

Here to put random comments on your blog. DayQuil is the best! only now, don't you need to get original formula behind the count er or something? Anyway, it got me through bronchitus once. But 2 at a time is pretty intense!! Also, my sore throat makes me want to eat more scratchy things... glutton for punishment?
Anyway, blog is great!