Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I know, like, 1,000 people get their pics in this book but...


Greetings from Flickr HQ. The photo you submitted into
Flickr’s “24 Hours of Flickr” group has been chosen
to appear in Flickr’s “24 Hours of Flickr” book!

HOORAY!!! I am having a vervet monkey image published in a book sometime this year. It's exciting yes, and I have my dear friend Melu to thank for the opportunity. This is the first time I got a photo published all on my own! Oh hooray!! I am so excited. Of course there is the chance that this won't happen, and I'm totally cool with that. Just being recognized is an honor to me, and the fact that two TWO WHOLE PEOPLE favorite-ed my gorilla picture makes me giddy. Although it could still be the dayquil caffeine combination. Sweet Jesus. Anyways, here it is:

In a perfect world, someone from National Geographic would see this photo and give me a ring and say "hey, we need a freelancer to go out and photograph the gorillas in Rwanda. You game?" Oh Lord, I would drop everything to work at National Geographic. Maybe even my master's degree for which I have literally shed blood, tears and gallons of sweat. eeeh, maybe it's good that not too many people read this blog. ANYWAYS

Also making me giddy:

The reclamation of precious childhood memories
. Bless you, YouTube.
Yes it's cheesy, yes it's 80's, but GOD ALMIGHTY it was my favorite thing on Sesame Street. Guess I was into interracial love even as a child ( ;-) that's for you Jam)
Then this and this came out and while the first remained my favorite, I wonder if the African Alphabet has been playing in my subconscious for the last 20 years. That Sesame Street. You show it to a little kid, it stays with them their whole lives. Amazing.


Excalibur said...

You are a great photographer. If for nothing else your recent camera purchase has paid off.

alex said...

that's so awesome allison!!! congrats!
and if you do end up coming up here to buy your kayak at "beans" (as apparently everyone in maine refers to it as) YOU MUST STOP BY~!!! and if you don't i'll hunt you down...ok, not really...but ya know.

Al said...

thanks peeps ;)

elizabeth said...

Congrats! What a GREAT photograph! I love it! That monkey has such an incredible expression on his face. So human! Just goes to show how connected to our fellow creatures we are....

Especially since he looks cooler and nicer and funnier than all kinds of people on the T.