Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why I am a bad person

Because when I saw this, I cackled:


Awesome, a F, a new academic low for me. I've never failed anything before. Aw, well, first time for everything I suppose! This is why I'm not crying about it, just for clarification:

So there it is, my beautiful and lovely F! Unfortunately I do not have my ecological modeling grade yet. I'll keep you posted!


Excalibur said...

I'm glad it's not a part of your average, though I'm sure it left quite the impression on you.

elizabeth said...

I have no doubt this will make you stronger, Al. Like the day some bitch-ho tries to out-do you on the rockstar scale by pulling this:

"Oh, you gave birth to your tan babies without drugs, hunh? Natural childbirth? Well, I gave birth to my 18 lb baby with no drugs in the WOODS! ALONE!" (because you know those women are out there.) That is when you pull out the undergrad genetics card:

"Oh yeah? Well, I bet you went to Harvard and got a 4.0 all the way through three Ph.D's too, hunh?! DIDN'T YOU?!" [Bitch-ho smiles smugly] "Well I went to Smith and then I failed undergrad genetics. Yeah. I FAILED. When your kids need Prozac to deal with your over-achieving ass, my kids will have me, and I'M GONNA BE REALLY REALLY UNDERSTANDING!"

Excalibur said...

Wow 2xE that was amazing.

Al said...

EE this is the most special thing I've ever seen, LOL.
Also, my pride is not completely ruined, got a B+ (though not the A I was pulling for) in Ecological Modeling. AHAHHAHAHAHA

elizabeth said...

Most special-ness EVER! Weeee-hooo! I mean it, Crosby. Harvard Hoes WATCH OUT! And way to be in Ecological Modeling. I know it's not the grade you wanted, but it damn sure is respectable, and I know how hard that class was!


Excalibur said...

I'm very impressed by how much you kicked butt in a class that seemed overwhelming, but later became your bitch! LOL

(and let us not forget the abandonment by the Asian ladies in your time of need--and seeing them crumble when it was money time)

I feel like I should a grade too.