Friday, January 26, 2007

6. Count Your Blessings

Ok, so I was going to do the blessing post yesterday, but I was feeling quite unblessed. I was going to go on and on about how it was really difficult to post because the following things have happened to me in the month of January:

death of great auntie
contraction of norovirus with vomiting and diarrhea
train derailment and missing of first day of classes
pet bird picking open fatty tumor on chest and bleeding everywhere; death seem iminent
spilling entire venti latte in school backpack
man at Subway shortchanging me $10
Patriots heartbreaking loss to Colts 38-34
getting bit by a parrot - a really bad bite (see pictures)

falling walking out of Tufts parking garage and cutting my knee and palms and ripping my favorite Ann Taylor Loft pants (see pictures)

All these things amongst other small tragedies. Then I started reading my favorite blogs and realized that January is a cruel month in general that's hard on a lot of people. In fact, some people have just had a crapass year. Some people are having struggles with their kids. For some, it's just so freakin' RAINY! Honestly, my problems seem so trivial. I should know better too, I KNOW that. A ton of really and truly crapass things could've happened to me - my car could've died or my house could've been destroyed. I could've caught a deadly disease. I do know that I am lucky and fortunate, etc, but seriously, you can only do so many bad things (spilling venti latte) or have so much bad luck before you start looking for un chico grande as my friend and I used to joke in high school: The big boy. That's why I've been walking more slowly. Looking both ways. Not tailgating. My luck is only borderline right now. The big unlucky thing could come and get me at any time, so I can't put myself in a risky situation.

I have two theories about my luck lately. Theory 1: I am being taught a lesson because I have been uncharitable/ungrateful for the things I do have. Minor bad things are happening to make me realize that suckage, true suckage, does not exist in any facet of my life. I have a great family, friends, a house to live in, a crapton of food. I have a job, I'm going to graduate school. I have my health, my limbs, all my teeth, and hell, I even have a car that works! Life is good and I am blessed.

Theory 2: My luck in the near future is going to be so INSANELY good, that I am being humbled before the luck hits, so I will be all the more grateful for it when it arrives. This makes me think that perhaps I should go out and buy lottery tickets. I really can't though, I spent way too much last night replacing my ripped pants with brand new Ann Taylor Loft pants. And jeans. And two shirts. Bless me.

Sunrise this morning just before 7am, from the MBTA Parking Garage.
My car thermometer said:6 F. And that's without a windchill factor!
Stay warm, everyone.

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