Thursday, January 11, 2007

4. Exploit the Youth

So today I am supposed to be posting about something a kid said to me and then using that for my blog. Honestly though, I'm so rarely around children these days I actually have nothing much to contribute. The last time I was around young children was when I visited Jam over New Year's. I did exploit them, however, in order to beat Jamaal at the game of "Sorry" so I could lord my board game superiority over him for one short day ;)

Anyways. I was hoping to have pictures to post, but I don't. In their infinite greatness BH got my camera to me OVERNIGHT. I paid $6 extra for 2-day shipping and they still manage to get it to me overnight. I love those guys! What's even nicer is that despite the fact that we were gone from our house for a total of 12 straight hours yesterday, no one touched the box on our porch. It's not like we live in a high-crime neighborhood or anything, but it's always nice to get your stuff unharmed. So yeah, I have no pictures because I brought all the camera stuff to work except for the CD that came with the camera, containing all of the important software you need to jive camera and computer. I mean maybe it's not absolutely necessary, but I'll be honest, I don't have the technological balls to plug my brand new camera into my computer without the software and go against everything the manual is telling me! I do have my camera with me though and I think I'll make a little felted case for it and carry it pretty much everywhere I go. You never know what you're going to see.....

In place of camera stuff, I've been contriving to-do lists in my head - sure there are the extraordinarily boring ones like: dust, vacuum everywhere and under everything, clean bird cages and fish tank, but I like the more exciting ones: make felted camera case, make 2 house warming presents, work on log cabin quilt for class. Or the even better ones: "Stuff I want to buy" New and bigger cage for Lily, camera tripod, fabric for St. Patrick's and Valentine's pajamas. Now that's the good stuff.

I'm going to cut this post off now. I'm so tired. Yesterday's funeral events were exhausting and like I mentioned, took us away from home for 12 hours. There's something about the whole process that is incredibly stressful, even though you really can't do anything. The person has died, the funeral home has pretty much taken over the burial process, the minister/priest/shaman does the funeral prayers, etc, and then someone else takes care of putting the casket in the ground and everything. So why am I so tired? I think it's the emotional aspect of it, plus meeting a crapton of cousins, trying to be fakely nice to so many people ( though I pat myself on the back for it. I may not like some of my extended family and I might not like what they did to people like my father and grandmother, but I'll be damned if they could ever go through life describing me as anything but "lovely" grrr!!) and then getting to fly solo to pick up everyone's dinner that just wiped me out for good. Of course, I have bookclub tonight :P I might go only for a while though. Grey's is on with a new episode!

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Excalibur said...

If you don't exploit the youth when playing games how will they ever learn the ruthlessness necessary to crush their advesaries? LOL.

Spoken from the lips of a future MBA.