Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Queen of Cups

I'm working on a Kenyan memory post but it's lagging due to my genetics exam studying, so here are two cups for you:

Monday's cup, a grande no fat vanilla latte from the Beth Israel Deaconess Starbucks (yes I am their whore)

The way I See It #185
A valuable lesson I've learned from
making music is to never let
anyone intimidate me. Every
student, celebrity, CEO and math
teacher in the world has
experienced love, loneliness, fear
and embarrassment at some point.
To understand this is to level an
often very lopsided playing field.
--Anna Nalick

Wednesday's cup, a grande no-whip caramel apple cider, so good it's like the second coming...

The way I See It #109
What you do to others your really
do to yourself. So when you do
good to others, you're doing good
to yourself. Alternatively, when
you do bad to others, you're doing
bad to yourself. So in thinking of
others, think of yourself, for to love
and do right by others is to love
and do right to your own self.

While Starbucks gives Musician Leela James credit for the above, I do believe this is written in, um, I dunno, THE BIBLE!
Oh well. :P

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