Friday, October 20, 2006

Be Happy!

in an attempt to lift my sad spirits and get out of a rut (see below posts of sad dreariness, LOL) I am embarking on my first swap adventure!

Yup, I signed up for the holiday ornament swap I saw posted on
Does this give me a slight heart attack? YES
Why? because the people who do these things are brilliant, FRICKIN' BRILLIANT crafters. They're creative and artistic and make the most delightful things. But, you say, you are crafty too! ha ha, am I crafty enough to come up with original and fabulous Christmas ornaments to swap? I don't know, but I'm going to make myself.

I'm actually totally excited and I'm really REALLY glad I stumbled upon whipup so many months ago so I could take part in something like this. Of course now, instead of working or ranting about things I read in the Metro, I'm scouring my brain for ornament ideas. I need 8-10, so the ornament can't be something that costs me $50 to make or takes me 20 hours a piece to make, but I want it to be fresh and fun and colorful and beautiful. If I can knit, sew, cross stitch, scrapbook and bead I think I should be able to come up with something, right? Also, I've been pondering incorporating some sort of Massachusetts influence. I have so many shells from Nantucket, all stored between layers of tissue paper, begging to be used. Plus there's always the cranberry influence, especially down here on the South Shore. Hmm, I shall ponder. I'm going to be seeing my grandma and some great aunts soon and I think I'll brainstorm with them. Having lived during the depression and WWII and raising two kids on a shoestring has made my grandma one of the most creative people I know, plus she's an incredibly talented artist - she's won the White House Easter Egg competition for the state! Definitely run ideas by her :) Again, so excited, Christmas CRAFTING! YAY!

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