Sunday, October 08, 2006

And in one glorious moment

I realized that we are not alone.

*weeps tears of joy, tears of gratitude and understanding*

In others news Amy and I had the privilege of sitting in season ticket holder's seats today at Gillette Stadium. We sat behind the visiting team, the Dolphins, giving us an incredibly clear view of Tom Brady in all his beauty and glory across the field. My 300mm zoom was particularly useful when he....ahem....bent over to talk to the players on the bench.

The great thing about the game was, first and foremost, the fact that the Pats won. Offense wasn't shining brightly, but the defense made some really great plays and one of my favorite guys Asante Samuel (I like that his name is "thank you" in swahili!!) had two interceptions that were clutch, and I was glad to see him playing and playing well today.

Our two other highlights were:

One. The drunken man in front of us that provided a running commentary during the game. No, he didn't really comment on the plays, though he enthusiastically gave the first down hand signal at every Patriots first down. He commented on the cheerleaders. Everytime they moved he'd hold up his binoculars and go "ohhhh yeahhhh baby the CHEERLEADERS, yeaaaahhhhhhhh." This was followed by incredibly lecherous laughter. I admit, being a women's college grad and *slightly* feminist (ha ha) the cheerleaders make me CACKLE, though I will say that I went to high school with a girl who graduated top of the class and went to Brown and supported her pre-med education by cheerleading, so I know some of those girls are smart. Oh, and they are entertaining as hell in their go-go boots, shaking their breastacles all over the field.

Two. During our pilgrimage back to the South Shore, a car from New Hampshire cut us off. My sister and I started our respective road rage diatribe, filled with lots of f*cking's and d*cksmacks. I don't swear a ton, but ask anyone, when I drive, I swear. Kind of a lot. Kind of to the point where I worry about the day when I'll have kids in the car with me and someone cuts me off. So yes, we started swearing and ranking on New Hampshire and talking about how they say people in Massachusetts are horrible and rude drivers but really it's New Hampshire that sucks at driving, etc. Just as we stop swearing and accept the fact that yes, we've been cut off, the right rear passenger door opens. Amy says "what the...." and before she can finish, a head pops out and the guy starts vomiting. Profusely. At one point he actually looks like he's gonna pass out, the guy looks weak and his arm is hanging out of the door. I had visions of his arm catching the pavement and dragging his limp, vomit-covered body out of the car and then me hitting him, leaving vomit-infused tire treads on his white t-shirt. Luckily he came to, probably because he had to vomit again. The other passengers in the car were raising their fist triumphantly out of the car windows, probably because the guy didn't barf on the upholstery. At first my sister and I pretended to be prudish and disgusted and horrified by the man's barfing olympics, but as he continued to open and shut the door to throw up, Amy and I started to laugh. Then Amy says "ok. that looks like hamburger, cooked hamburger." I start to laugh, then I say "yeah I know, did you see how it rolled down the highway onramp as we were driving along." Amy is red and teary-eyed and says "yeah it totally BOUNCED." Soon enough in true Amy and Allison fashion, we were clutching our stomachs and crying with laughter. Another adventure for the girls.

Well it's Sunday and my life is so exciting, I have to go and watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and eat the steak dinner my mom cooked. Hells yeah, I live with my momma, how else could I afford $18,000 grand a year for grad school?

Coming soon: Kenya post, wedding post, lotsa posts, maybe an Allee Effect post. Don't know what that is? Me neither, but I need to know it and graph it by Wednesday. THE END!

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