Tuesday, October 17, 2006

10 weeks til Christmas FA LA LA LA BLAH!

Ok, so the other day I see this guy with a big "42" on his T pass. 42, I think, what does that mean? As I got closer to him I saw that the T pass said "week 42" Crap, I thought, does that mean that we are in the 42nd week of the year? A glance at my calendar said "YES IDIOT, WE ARE!" SO wow, 42nd week of the year.

Don't get me wrong, I love this time of year. It's the trick that New England pulls on you to get you excited for winter. The cold weather starts, but then the leaves are turning and it's Halloween and all fall-like, then it starts to get chillier but hey! it's Thanksgiving, and it's supposed to be cold! Then between Thanksgiving and New Year's is that cozy holiday season. I do most of my shopping way ahead of time or online to avoid the stores, so my time is spent wandering the city enjoy the festive decorations (ignoring the baditudes of the people) and cozied up at home with tea and hot cocoa enjoying the tree and the smell of pine needles and making Christmas cookies. ha ha picture-perfect I know. Then the real eff-you part of winter comes, January and February, determined to BREAK YOUR SOUL! But by then (at least to me) it's the new year anyways all full of possibility, so I try not to get too cranky about the winter and all, however long it may be. I also know that the winter will be so long and cold that I'll forget how great spring and summer are, so when those first new leaves of green come out it'll be all magical all over again, just like every year prior.

Anyways, enough with all that magical crap. I have to start getting my craft on. I love the holidays because I love giving gifts, and if I can make them, it's even better because I love crafting. I do have to plan ahead of time so I'm not finishing things at the last minute (like the year I stayed up til 5AM Christmas morning finishing my dad's gift - a grey wool scarf. It was worth it though, he still wears it!) so everything is pretty much planned out at this point, though I need to start gathering my supplies and getting down to it. Here are my projects:

- Parents. I don't think I'm crafting anything for them because the joint gift my sister and I are giving them is so incredibly badass. If I do craft, I know exactly what I'll do, and it's a small item.
-Sister. I have already started her gift. Well one of them. I'm working on getting something badass though.
-Boyfriend. I'm pretty sure what I'm getting him and I think I might craft something for him. I have an idea, just got to price it out.
- My gallies - my three closest girls from college are the only friends I give things to. Two of them are getting a trip-related gift. One is getting something different, and I need to get supplies for that. As far as crafting for them all, I have somethign in mind.
-Coworkers - there are 5 of them. I thought of candy, but we're always eating candy in this office, so that might not be the best plan. I want to craft them something and have two ideas. One is more labor intensive, but cute, and one is cute and less labor intensive, but not as interesting, though it might be more functional for the office. The jury's out on that one.
-Email chain, others - Cards this year. No cookies. That was way too insane!
-Grandparents, great aunt - usually we give family gifts, but my fingers are itching to craft! I'll have to think about this too. I don't think my grandpa wants a lacy angora shawl or anything, LOL.

Now I do have a friend's birthday to get ready for but I think I know exactly what I'm doing there. If I craft I'll post pictures of my work :)

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