Monday, October 23, 2006


Anorexic coworker says:

ok maybe it's bc i'm in a really cranky/bitchy mood but R really needs to stop singing...for the love of god!

My reply (in my head of course)

it beats your constant tuneless humming!

Stupid kid gets on train last night wearing red ski cap and yellow sunglasses. he thinks he's the bomb and he's giggling in this goofy idiotic way. His friend is on the empty car behind us. After making a series of stupid faces at each other, they begin to moon each other through the doorways, laughing like each other's asses are the funniest thing in the world.

My response (in my head of course)

you are the epitomic example of why I stopped dating white men in my generation. (I don't as a rule date any men out of my generation, that's just creepy).

Guy on NYC train responds to lost group of people

ha ha they all blame the black people, when it's always the f*ckin' white people who are lost. HA! (proceed with rant, insert f*cking every other word)

My response (in my head of course)

Racism makes you sound like a big a$$hole. HUGE, nevermind the fact that everyone of every color shape and size gets lost. ALL THE TIME and probably on this VERY SUBWAY IN NY!!!

I think maybe besides bitchy, I am also being rather intolerant, LOL. I wonder if it's because of the insane week I have ahead? or maybe because I have sick building syndromw, I swear to God! I am going to see if I can get my office vacuumed today because I sneeze round the clock while I'm here, have sore throats and headaches and my eyes get all dried out and I feel like I just want to sleep. And then lo and behold, I am perfectly fine when I go to school. I mean, I am still kinda sleepy, but still, these symptoms tell me somethings up with my office. which I cannot tolerate ;)

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