Friday, March 03, 2006

Starbucks Cup #76, Beth Israel Deaconess, Boston

The Way I see It # 76
The irony of commitment is that
it's deeply liberating - in work, in
play, in love. The act frees you
from the tyranny of your internal
critic, from the fear that likes to
dress itself up and parade around
as rational hesitation. To commit is
to remove your head as the barrier
to your life.
--Anne Morriss
Starbucks customer from New York City.
She describes herself as an "organization
builder, restless American citizen,


Elizabeth said...

That is SO the way I deal with singing! I think a lot of singers and other musicians don't quite get how I can remain so stubbornly optimistic about the possibility of my own career (most of the time :). They know how hard the business is, how impossible to get noticed, how insanely difficult it is to make a living.

And then there's me.

So I've got some difficiencies! So I'm not the world's greatest gift to solfege. So my ear could use a little work, and my languages, and my technique, and...and...and... So what?!

I'm going to make it anyway. I'm going to do it. Because Dawn Upshaw said so without having heard me sing. Because I believe it. Because by believing I'm making it possible. Because. Just...because.

Love to the Crosby and to the genius of the Starbucks cup!

Jamaal said...

This quote is so powerful. Commitment is definitely liberating. Being non-commital leads to frustration, mostly from being unable to commit to anything, LOL.

Al said...

hahahaha yes it's true. All true.

committment is just so damn liberating...

Anonymous said...

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