Monday, March 06, 2006


My friend Melissa had a birthday over the weekend and I was so excited I could finally send the picture I created for her so many months ago. This one was particularly enjoyable to make. I got to work with hand-dyed threads on this one....normally, I wouldn't make an entire picture out of hand-dyed threads because they can be a little pricey ($2.00/ skein or thereabouts) so when a pattern calls for a color and you are only making 10 stitches, I am not gonna spend extra for those three stitches and I will just convert to regular old DMC thread. In this case, as I usually do for gifts, I went all out and purchased all the colors hand-dyed, and the effect was rather nice. I also bought the fabric recommended on the pattern. I then bought an unfinished frame. I knew I wouldn't be able to find the one I wanted already made, so I bought an unfinished one and two shades of green paint, one light one dark, to compliment the stitching. I first used the light paint on the frame, then put some crackle medium over that, then followed up with the dark. The result (after the second try) was quite satisfactory, and the dark paint crackled nicely, allowing the light to show through.

Anyways, that's been done for a while and I've been doing other projects. I'm caught up with birthdays for a while I think. Right now I am working on a baby shower gift for my boyfriend's coworker, a baby sweater, which is nearly done. I just have the sleeves and some fringe work to do, but the fringe is enough to drive a girl insane. It's really not fringe, but knitted lace, and the pattern is cracked out. Of course the book I'm using is British, so stuff that makes sense to them, makes absolutely no sense to me. The good think is is that I am so close to being done, not much could discourage me at this point, so I just have to master the fringe and knit it and be done with it. After that it's more baby gifts, this time for my sister's teacher and family friend who's having twin girls (we're each gonna do a picture) and then graduation gifts for my Smithies. Then I think there shall be a time of rest. Then of course, there's my sister's birthday, a friend's wedding, my old roommate's birthday, and my cousin's wedding. hahahah it's insanity on a stick.

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Jam said...

You are so crafty, it is amazing.