Thursday, March 23, 2006


Xcalibur: ok listen to my talk for a young girl
Xcalibur: honey the human body is amazing
Xcalibur: it regulates itself
Xcalibur: part of god's design
Xcalibur: every 28 days or so
Xcalibur: females
Xcalibur: that are capable of bearing children
Xcalibur: their body has a process that regulates itself
Xcalibur: ha ha
Xcalibur: and it is a very special thing
Xcalibur: as it marks the road to womanhood
Xcalibur: and the ability to reproduce
Xcalibur: this better not end up on a blog
Xcalibur: I think that's pretty good for a man
wildorchid: you have no idea
wildorchid: hahahahahah
wildorchid: yes it is
wildorchid: here is what my talk would be:
wildorchid: so every 28 days ya ovulate ok?
wildorchid: and so your body is tricky and it's like "ooh an egg! maybe if there is an egg there will be BABIES! I must prepare"
wildorchid: so it builds a little lining. Kind of like a bed with lots of covers if you will, and waits. Then finally the body realized that there is no sperm, thus no baby, so it's like "well this is a waste of my time"
wildorchid: so the lining sheds itself
wildorchid: and just to be extra bitchy and pissed off that you didn't fertilize that egg like you were SUPPOSED to
wildorchid: you get cramps, bloating, stomach upsets, headaches, tender boobs and mood swings. wildorchid: but you know what?
wildorchid: no one better be fertlizing that damn egg until you are MARRIED girl!
wildorchid: Cause PMS is bad, but what I give you if you get pregnant will be worse
wildorchid: oh, and congratulations, you are now a woman
wildorchid: hahahaha
wildorchid: hmm maybe you should talk to the kids, hahaha

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Jam said...

This is some kind of special.