Thursday, September 15, 2005


This is my stomach. and me. that pretty much sums up the last two weeks. My stomach acid is trying to eat me alive. I have to figure out how to stop the madness but I don't know how! Meanwhile I have a constant burning sensation along my breastbone and under my rib cage with extra stabbing pains on the left when I do things like, I dunno, bend over, eat, breathe.....ugh. At least boyfriend is coming to spend the weekend. Yay something to look forward too :D


Anonymous said...

CROSBY! This is BEAUTIFUL. You are a better blogger than I ever dared to hope. Your pictures RULE! Though I can't see the real one of you and Jamaal. :( Congrats on the GRE's and on blogging like a fiend. When I leave the monstrous ogre who currently employs me I will have much more time for a) blogging b) commenting and c) LUNCH!

I hope you had an awesome weekend with Jamaal. I love you tons!

<3 Elizabeth

Al said...

ahahaahhah ok this blog isn't as anonymous as I thought. But this is me not caring :) hahahahah you rock Elizabeth, thanks for liking my blog and leaving a comment and not being one of those freaky spammer/spyware people that's like "COOL BLOG! If you own a pony and would like to buy a saddle, click on my blog:" or "I like your blog. You like to run! Get in shape on my exercise blog!"

cause those are freaky. the end.

WOOHOO FOR CAMPING THIS WEEKEND! I will have to draw a picture of that. the end.

Al said...

that picture was just our mouths cause I didn't want our real faces on here. I am secretive. And I like to keep my enemies confused. I cut out our mouths so you could see our biracial-ness and that's it. ha ha..