Saturday, September 10, 2005


I should never be left alone at a computer for any extended period of time. While doing GRE practice tests I got distracted by AOL's new flashy and colorful browser and the temptation of "The Love Meter: Find Out If You're Compatible"
so hells yeah, obviously I did it, cause even though I know we're compatible, hahahahha, "my Leo partner" embodies the ESSENCE of a Leo (you're probably reading this. Go ahead, throw your head back and cackle, but you know it's my neighbor, a Leo said to me last weekend "My personality simply reflects that I'm a Leo, that's all, don't get offended that it's all about me, it's just how I am" (ok he said this jokingly, but only half, and he was being funny as hell, but we all know that's a slight Leo undercurrent, and that people who are Aries, like me are hard headed and stubborn as hell. hahhah so true)) ANYWAYS. Hells yeah I took the love meter. Here is what we're dealing with:

Aries and Leo
Fire signs tend to work well with other fire signs, so this can be a good and lasting pair as long as there is plenty of excitement, romance, and play (check check and check again, especially the play part ahahahah). Both of you love a good time and will put sports, adventure, and parties on top of your priority list(again, yes). You are impulsively active by nature, and may be inspired by your creative, expressive, and fun-loving Leo partner(this is particularly true, and yes, my Leo partner inspires my creativity, heh heh hehhh. ok I"m stopping). You are more likely to follow a whim, and it will take a very secure Leo to trust you enough to give you the freedom you’ll want(this is true). Meanwhile, your Lion is loyal and faithful(he is too), as long as he or she feels loved or even adored (he is too). You both love to be the center of attention and would never turn your backs on an opportunity to be admired(commence cackling). There is no shortage of physical passion here(yes) , especially as a way to burn off excess anger(uh, ok). If, however, the Moon in your chart is in Taurus (what is my moon doing in my sister's car?), Scorpio or Aquarius, compatibility may be more difficult to achieve. (Click here to find out where the Moon is in your chart.)(don't do it cause you'll get pop-ups and have to pay just to find out where the moon is in your chart and then you'll just end up walking around going "shit I was hoping my moon wasn't there but it was and NOW what am I gonna do?") It would be a good idea for you two limelight lovers to admire each other, express your love actively and avoid excessive competition (I think we enjoy HEALTHY competition). Long-term potentials include an active and joyous life of laughter, entertainment and love (awwwwwwwwwwww). Hey. It kept me entertained for a good 5 minutes, people....

I already knew all this though. you can tell just by looking at us:


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Anonymous said...

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Al said...

"the found my blog"
"the others"
"now I have three choices"
"they are?"
"run. hide. or DIE"

-conversation with myself

Elizabeth said...

Dude! It's because you have a free site. When I had my blogger site, i think I only got spam maybe twice, total. The spammers must have realized what a good market this is....You know you can delete them, right? You are the all-powerful Blog Master! They must rise to vote for you! For real! Or you may smite them forevahhhhh!*

:) Elizabeth

*otherwise known as permanently deleting guests' posts. ;)

Al said...

hhhahahahah it's funny. I might keep them because they crack me up. "###exercising###" is my new friend. :D

Jam said...

We are just that damn compatible.