Thursday, February 03, 2011

Winter Blahs

Anyone else have them?

I feel trapped by the weather, UGH....not that I don't go out, I do. I go to work, the grocery store...I go outside and shovel...still.

I feel the need to find a warm light-filled space. One highlight of this dreary CRAPASS weather has been the healing garden at the hospital. It's bright and bird sounds or flowing water sounds are piped in. It's small though (I mean, it's amazing and huge in the sense that it's an indoor space at a hospital, but small in the sense that I need room to frolic. Plus frolicking may be inappropriate, ha ha). I think I need a beach. Or something. UGH.

I guess one option is to plan for the warmer weather. I flipped through my book on container gardening, and I'm totally stalking a local farm that offers a CSA pickup in Boston. Jam is not convinced, but I'm sold, as they also include jam, eggs, and cheese a few weeks out of the season. I think it'd reduce our grocery bill and the price is only $18/week for a half share (but you pay up front, so it IS daunting. still).

I keep imagining everything I see snow-covered leafy or blooming.

Winter in New England is always long, I get that. That's what makes the spring so sweet. But with a trapped bored feeling, drama at work, a sick husbando (flu shot for him next year, no doubt) and a general feeling of ick, I am ready for it to be over. My boss told me on Monday that spring was only 48 days away. Somehow this seems like an eternity.

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