Friday, February 04, 2011

What I Will Do to Combat Boredom This Weekend

1. Clean and do laundry
2. Make plans for fun things
3. Work on quilt top for Amy's friend
4. Finish fingerless mitts for grandma
5. Price out new laptop
6. Organize photos on flickr
7. Make calendar for office
8. Make list of organizational things desired from the Container Store
9. Exercise
10. Ummmm...GO to the library!

There. There are 10 things I can do to beat boredom this weekend.

People can't seem to believe that I'm bored. Maybe it's because I'm always busy.
Maybe because I always have something I'm doing.
For some reason, I feel energy-sapped and dull, I just want to lie around, sleep and watch TV...but I'm even bored with doing that (ha ha ha, at least I can laugh at myself for this). Man, this hibernation is getting in my head. Resist! Resist! Entertain thyself, Allison!

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