Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Olympics

I think the reason I was falling asleep during my short drive to work this morning can be boiled down to one thing: the Olympics.

I am obsessed, I totally admit it.
I am the girl who thinks it's her patriotic duty to yell at the TV for the South Korean skaters to fall so Ohno can win a gold medal - that kind of obsessed.

I was in NYC for the opening ceremonies, and since Jam is equally a fan, we've both watched as much Olympics as our schedules allowed since day one - though we did fall asleep before the end of the opening ceremony because we are old, ha ha ha.

While I always root for my countrywomen and men, I find myself this year, particularly with figure skating, cheering for the team/person that I feel "deserves" the gold - since I haven't followed figure skating at all for a couple of years, I was pretty unbiased (I really only knew Johnny Weir and Plushenko, LOL that's how out of the loop I am!).

In pairs, I found myself pulling for Shen and Zhao - how could you not, right, with all the treacly, feel-good stories NBC featured about their relationship, marriage, etc. I am a sucker though, and I totally pulled for them and was very excited to see them win Olympic gold!

As for Lysacek, he simply outskated Plushenko. No, dude, they don't just hand out gold medals to people who do quads. If that were the case, we should scrap the programs altogether and just have a jumping competition. Maybe you should switch to aerial skiing if you want a gold medal for one fancy trick. It was exciting to see an American guy score the gold, because as much as I love Johnny Weir, we all knew he wasn't going to get it done. Apparently Lysacek is dating Nastia Liukin, of individual gold gymnastics fame - I kind of love that. Of course I am biased, since I spent most of the Beijing games with my face pressed to the screen, screaming "CMON NASTIA!" because I had decided that she was my fav summer Olympian...

When I watched ice dancing (can we have a moment for the Russian team's costumes? Oy) I thought that Davis and White would be unbeatable after their "Phantom of the Opera" routine...

then Virtue and Moir took to the ice - Jaysus. I told Jamaal that their routine may have been the most beautiful ice skating routine I've ever seen. I was blown away by their elegance and they certainly deserved the gold.

Here's where my unbiased opinion completely fades: ladies figure skating. Can we please just give Joannie Rochette a medal for having the grace and guts to stay in the competition after the death of her mother, which occurred during the games - yeah, 3 days ago. She's sitting in third going into tonight's competition, and at the very least, I hope she is standing on the podium tonight. For mental and emotional strength alone, she deserves to win. That's who I'll be cheering for tonight.


everything and nothing said...

My comment got really long so I'm putting it in my blog! In short: winter Olympics are better than summer, I have a strange fondness for Plushenko, I almost boycotted the Olympics because of NBC's luge snuff films.

Remus-Adrian M. said...

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Al said...

You have strange Plushenko fondness!! NOooooo!!! I hate his creepy haircut! Jam and I had a hilarious conversation last night where some weird miscommunication happened. He was talking about Johnny Weir and in my head, I was thinking of Evan Lysacek, and Jam was like "blah blah ambiguous sexuality, flamboyant costumes" OK it sounds lame here, but it was funny when we finally figured out we were talking about two different people

everything and nothing said...

Plushenko: Coming back from retirement is really hard. I like that he is so out in the open about his competitiveness and is such a divatastic jerk. Then he does really stupid stuff with his "Platinum Medal." Secret love! I can't help it!

Elizabeth said...

Is there anything better than secret love? I think not. Oh my GOD I cried with Joannie....she's amazing. I did wish they would comment on her skating though. Obviously, I knew why they didn't, but I just felt like she would have wanted to be judged on her skating, not simply pitied/ put up on a pedestal of unatheletic making. That said, the scoring system makes it tough for anyone to just get through the door to a medal without earning it and she skated unbelievably well. Oh how she made me cry! Amazing.

And while I find it soooo annoying that they're all, "Queen Yoo-Na" or whatever, she did skate so incredibly beautifully I couldn't actually even handle it. HOLY. FREAKING. COW.

Oh Olympics! How I will miss thee!