Friday, February 19, 2010

Annoying on a Friday

Ok. So most of you probably go through life and find that there are these little things that people do that are unbearably annoying. Maybe they're just annoying to you, maybe they're universally irritating to most normal society. I try not to complain too much, but this week I have seen a lot of special things, and I CAN'T KEEP IT IN!

1. People who treat others working in the serving industry like crap. I was at Dunks today and this guy was treating the three people who worked there like SH*T. To the point where I almost said something. The Dunks I go to has got to be one of the busiest in the city, fueled by the legions of hungry construction workers building the newest addition to our hospital. The construction workers have the system down. A lot of times they go into Dunks ordering about 12 sandwiches and 15 coffees. They write everything on a scrap of cardboard (why they never have paper remains a mystery) and hand it over the the manager. This guy (who was not a construction worker or nurse or doctor) had a paper with stuff written down, but then was getting additional stuff, like "one chocolate munchkin." The manager was like "look, we can't be as quick as you want us to be if you don't write everything on the list when you have such a big order." The guy just kept mumbling under his breath - luckily the manager is kinda scary, and she gets in his face and goes "You get me, RIGHT?!" After she walks away and the rest of the staff completes his order, the guy asks for a plastic bag and goes "yeah, and don't get your grimy-ass fingerprints all over it neither." Grammar aside, this guy was an ass. I so wanted something karmically bad to happen to him, like his whole coffee coolatta spilling down the front of his pants. Grrr.

2. People who treat public transportation like their personal chariot. This lady plops down next to me on the bus yesterday, and proceeds to take off her coat and make a little coat-nest around her, do her hair, spread her newspaper everywhere, open all her mysterious work folders, talk on the phone, primp, blow her nose, etc. Any one of those things alone would be fine, but lady, it's a 20 minute bus ride, sometimes even 15 minutes. WHY? Then there are the people who put makeup on, trim their nails, floss, eat, etc on the train/bus/commuter rail. It's gross. SO GROSS. I would rather have the throw-up lady in front of me on the train - she couldn't help herself, but that guy trimming his nose hairs? Yeah, he could've waited for a better time and place! Don't get me started about spitting....

3. People who refuse to give up their seats on the train to others who obviously need them. Get this - a 47-month pregnant lady hops on a crowded train at South Station. No one moves, including the perfectly-abled d**che who had lunged for the handicapped seat at the previous stop. I proceeded to give him and the guy sitting next to him the evil look of death (I was standing too. Because chivalry is dead). I too have been in the conundrum "is she pregnant, is she not, what should I do? eh?" but there was no doubt about this woman, who was actually supporting her belly with her hands. C'MON. So in hopes of causing the oblivious or just plain rude men great embarrassment, I lean over their heads, tap her on the hand and say "Do you need to sit?" She says "Oh no, I'm fine" Yeah right. I say "OK, but if you want a seat, please tell me, because I will yell at this people to get up. I will make them get up - because what they're doing right now, is ridiculous." I think the poor woman was freaked out. She kinda laughed and said "thanks" and I noticed a guy smushed between the subway door and someone's backpack was cackling, probably because he wanted to see me yell at someone. Everyone else just stared. What is wrong with people?! Oh and for the record, I have been asked if I wanted a seat by another woman, and when I said no she leaned in close and said in a conspiratory tone "but aren't you pregnant?" OK, so maybe some people would've been offended. I laughed and said "No" and the poor woman was mortified, and the guy she was with was like "I told you she WASN'T" but honestly, I was relieved to find someone willing to give up their seat - and I told her that too.

4. The backpacks. Take them off on the train and bus. I hate getting my hair snagged in your zipper.

5. Littering - If I had a dollar for every guy I saw littering in Jam's neighborhood this weekend, I'd be rich. Ok not rich, but I'd probably have enough cash to get out of the parking garage this afternoon. What is up with throwing your sh*t on the ground when there is a trash can on every corner? I was puzzled. It's just something I thought had improved dramatically since the 80's, you know?

6. People who barely seem able to move, then sprint in front of you to get the last seat on the bus. Ugh. It happened three days this week.

7. People who text during movies, especially those who do so with the screen shining in my face. I have yelled at people about this, thus scarring a 14-year old teeny bopper for life...ok, I scarred her probably for only 2 hours, but I felt like she needed the scolding.

Well I think seven items is plenty of complaining for a Friday, don't you? I feel like I just lost about five pounds getting this all out into the blogosphere. Whew.

So I realized on Wednesday that it is the Lenten season (after I wondered why three people had identical bruises/moles/lesions on their forehead. Ashes, dumba$$) and wondered whether or not I should give up anything. See, I'm Protestant, and I am always like "oh I'm Protestant not Catholic, so I don't subscribe to giving up things for Lent." I am guessing there are a lot of Protestants out there who say the same kind of thing. My church however, suggests giving something up, or even setting aside time for deep introspection about sacrifice, etc, blah blah blah what Jesus gave up for us, blah blah. OK you get it. SO last year I gave up candy, which was nice I guess. I thought about doing that this year, but it didn't seem hard enough, plus I should probably give that up anyways as I embark on my fitness regime. I could give up soda, but I only drink it on the weekends, coffee, etc. They all seemed too simple.

Instead, I decided to try and give up meanness. Yeah, sometimes I am mean. Not in the cruel sense, but in the rude/unsympathetic/unsupportive sense. Or the sarcastic sense. I am going to try and be pleasant. Nice. Maybe people will be nice back?!!? Maybe people will see my aura of niceness and give up their seats on the train, or let me take a left in front of them! Or maybe nothing will happen - but deep down inside I'll know that I was a better version of me. Let's see how far I can make it!

Happy Friday y'all.


everything and nothing said...

Okay, I'm commenting all over. Sorry!

4. The backpacks. Take them off on the train and bus.
This is my #2 PET PEEVE. I'm glad at least one person understands. TAKE OFF THE BACKPACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(the only exceptions are toddlers and German backpackers)

They write everything on a scrap of cardboard (why they never have paper remains a mystery)
So true. Why is that?

Al said...

What is your #1 pet peeve?

Elizabeth said...

That's so my question too! Meanwhile, "and German backpackers" made me cackle SO HARD. Oh Rach....I miss you!