Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Come ON NOW!

Yes, it's snowing again.

Actually, it's quite lovely: medium sized flakes, streaking across my window, upper left corner to lower right. Though seriously? I am a bit tired of it all...

My boss told me I could leave early last Wednesday in preparation for the snow that never came. We all ridiculed the meteorologists and local reporters for playing up a storm that failed to live up to it's snowpocalyptic predictions, and now, we New Englanders are complacent a sh*t. I saw the snow this morning and thought "eh. It's nothing." Now I would really like to be home.

Of course this might have to do with the fact that I am tired. I had a very restful, very lovely weekend, filled with the fiance, food, and the Olympics. It was glorious. But then I came home and had to fix my closet, which turned out to be nice because I got to redo it entirely - but after a 4 hour plus car ride, it's was very tiresome. Oh, and I think my car needs a new muffler. And just the thought of dealing with more car trouble is exhausting, especially because it will be one of those days where my dad insists on driving me to work, controlling the whole situation, picking me up. I do, I do appreciate it. But dealing with it? Ugh.

It may also have to do with the fact that I downloaded Bright Star from iTunes and spent a glorious two hours wallowing in the beauty of summer in the English countryside. Complete with a mulberry tree and butterflies. If you are looking for a feast for the eyes, watch it.

But then.
THEN there are the ALLERGIES. OK, what the hell am I allergic to in February?? Today's after work mission is picking up a prescription and finding non-drowsy Claritin, because srsly? I can't breathe! I am used to allergy congestion, but this takes one a whole new form. I'm congested to the point where I am gasping for air, like my asthmatic coworker....or a dying fish. It is super-unattractive, nevermind dramatica. I'm not used to the whole "I actually can't breathe" thing. Usually it's just a sniffle situation, but this is full-blown allergic badness. Time to medicate.

Seeing all this snow makes me wish that I were a badass skier or snowboarder - despite my New England roots I am neither, and am pretty sure that I would severely injure myself if I tried to snowboard. True, I survived a single skiing lesson when I was sixteen or so, but to try it now, nearly 12 years later? I am not exactly rushing to the mountain top. Just watching moguls this weekend made my knees hurt. Apparently our Jr. High Youth Group is skiing in a few weeks. I may be in the ski lodge. Knitting.

Oh and speaking of knitting and of things Olympic, I entered Ravelympics. Yes, how stupid can I get, right? The goal is to complete a project, start to finish, between the opening and closing ceremonies in Vancouver. The only rule (ok there are other rules) is that the project has to be new, or untouched for a long while and that you have to 'challenge' yourself. Naturally, being an idiotic overachiever, I choose to resume a long-abandoned difficult project: my sister's made of honor shawl. Here is what it is supposed to look like:

via knitspot @flickr

My version is a big ol' mess right now, but I am hoping that once I get through the first two sections, I will be a knitting machine. Some people on Ravelry claimed to have finished this in like, 9 days. Hopefully I will be as speedy, or at least finish before the end of the Ravelympics so I can feel like I accomplished something. Meh.

What else. Oh yeah. I was so bored at work today I took a color quiz. I am a bright red. I feel that.

You boast incredible willpower and are capable of overcoming obstacles that would normally leave others shaking in their boots. You have a penchant for colorful environments and often impress others with your energetic bursts of energy. Your interests in many areas of life often leave you scattered, but when you focus you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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