Thursday, March 08, 2007

with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept

Eh, March already, it doesn't seem possible.
Amy (who is finally home after a long stint of housesitting) and I were talking last night about how much 2007 has sucked. My mom got in on the conversation and heartily agreed. Then I said it sucked my left titty and moved to my right, at which point my mother pretended to be horrified but cackled as she stood in front of the stove, stirring a pot.

I can't say that '07 hasn't had its moments. New Year's was great! Of course, our year started going downhill on January 2nd, the day of my Aunt's hospitalization. Since then we've vomited, trip, fallen, rolled, been kicked in the ass down the mountain. I am hoping with the advent of spring, however, we will find ourselves in the valley. The Happy Valley. Not the Valley of the Shadow of Death or whatever, because then our luck would REALLY SUCK. heh.

Anyways, this week has been particularly trying for work and academic reasons and I'm looking to get back on track. Wouldn't you know that the one bit of luck I've had this year has been in the financial realm. Haaahahah hilarious, as I am generally the worst off family member when it comes to money. Unbeknownst to me, there is a tax rebate for those paying tuition to at least a half-time accredited institution. Go Tufts! (savor it now, it might be the only time you see/hear that phrase) So that helped me knock off some serious debt, including paying off my car, amen jesus, and some credit card junk. Getting that off my back has been nothing short of amazing. I know it sounds cheesy, but my debt was dragging me down. I always have enough money to do pretty much what I want (ie buy shampoo, go to the movies once in a while) but I saved almost nothing and paid the minimums on my cards, and felt completely controlled by my car debt. Now that's much much better, and by December it looks like I'll be out of debt completely. Of course, I wanted this to happen by June, but it doesn't look quite possible. I will be able to pay for a trip to Costa Rica with Jam without going into debt though, and that beats being completely out of debt by June!

Now that I'm feeling a little better about life in general (also helped by Jam's reassuring words and formulation of a study plan for me) I want to have something to look forward to. That's why I threw that kayak and camera fund ticker up there to the right. I would like to buy a new digital camera, a canon digital rebel. I'd also like a kayak, and have had my eye on this model for a long while. I want to get these things the old fashioned way, by saving up my pennies and my little extras here and there. For both of these items I need approximately $1200. I've got $50 so far. I'd like to see how much motivation can do, so I'm gonna go for it and start saving up, so I can be paddling in New Hampshire in June and clicking away in Costa Rica in July. Watch me go :)


Amy said...

good title. too bad the song is like twelve hours long!

Al said...

hahahahhahaha oh I know...stupid song