Friday, March 30, 2007


Two years ago yesterday was the day Jam asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Somehow I've managed to delete the email (yes it was on email, don't hate, we live hundreds of miles apart), but I wish I could put it up here to share with the world. Sadly it's lost in gmail land forever, but what I do have from that day is Jam's closing email:
to me
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I'm on a high right now.

It's funny to read those old emails because we were so unsure in the beginning - Jam and I had been notoriously cautious when it came to relationships in the past that when we start getting kind of intense we were sort of like "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure if this is a good idea. not sure if comfortable....system overload...helllppp!!!" but Jam was willing to take the plunge and ask to take it to the next level - I just wasn't ready to put myself out there yet - and I'm so glad he did, because it's been two years of some pretty great stuff.

The thing I think I might be most grateful for is that through dating Jam I've truly fallen in love. Yeah, go ahead and gag, but it's absolutely true! And to love someone is so different than the stupid crap you read in novels and girly magazines; it's deeper and truer than all of that stuff you're told. With this love comes support and friendship and confidence and laughter. It's so great! In addition to just simply making you feel good, there's a certain sense of security. Like I know Jam will listen to me cry for an hour about grad school and my job because he loves me, and thusly, it is his obligation to listen and make me feel better-tee hee-just as it was my obligation to hear about those frickin' GMAT's!!!! Sharing in the not so hot times comes sharing in the joy, and we've had so many joyful times to share over the past two years - weddings and babies and engagement and birthday parties, grad school acceptances and license test passings, holidays and families. It's been so great to have Jam by my side for a lot of these, and it's not just because after going to the prom alone I vowed never to go to a hot party without a date, LOL. It's because I love him madly, and I want to share everything with him. EVEN MY MISERY AND GERMS! GRRR!

Jamaal explains it better than I could on my blog, but he points out that we've become a unit (um, hello? JAMAALLISON, people, JAMAALLISON) but maintained our independence (well living in different cities will do that to you, LOL) and stayed as our own special individual people. We've really come together as a couple too, and like he mentioned, we're not afraid to battle it out (I still say periwinkle is a real color, bitch) when we need to work something out. Maybe this is why I'm pretty comfortable about our future together. I know we'll face challenges (like the fact that Jamaal needs to iron his jeans and I think he would even iron underwear if he could whereas I pull things wrinkled out of the dryer and throw them on. oh the horror) but I think we're going to be ok, because we've got 1. mad love for each other 2. respect 3. and a willingness to engage in a battle to the death. of the issue, I mean... Those things have gotten us through the first two years with flying colors...hahahh colors....and I think they'll carry us through forever.

Happy Anniversary, Love.


alejandra ramirez...or just alex. said...

awww yay! happy anniversary!!!

elizabeth said...

Congrats to you both! I love you two!

Mad love,

Excalibur said...

Oh thank you!