Monday, February 05, 2007


I am home sick today (a cold this time. Can you even believe it??!!) and to pass the time before I drive myself to class I clicked on sitemeter (I am supposed to be doing my animal behavior reading but and finding it difficult to concentrate on chapter 1, a detailed and long chapter about the origins of animal behavior. blah!). Apparently, the visitors to this site hail from all over the place, which is a downright shock to me, I thought about 3 people visited this thing, plus or minus the few people who saw the blog name and were hoping that this was an anti-suffragist movement blog, hahahaha.

I just want to say "Karibu" - welcome, and sorry these last few posts have been less then exhilirating! It'll get better once life is better organized, which will be soon. I swear..........

In the meantime, entertain yourself with the daily pictures, I do actually update those. Almost every day.....

ALSO - enjoy the little bit I just added in the sidebar - flickr zeitgeist!

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