Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Academic failure yet again

I will keep this post short.
I did a crapass job on my Animal Behavior exam. WTF. It was so easy. As much as I'd like to say the professor was a hardass when grading (ok why did I only get 1 point for my answer "ethology" yes, technically he wanted "classical ethology" but seriously, 1 point out of 4 for half the answer?!!) it was my fault. ALL. MY. FAULT. I stressed about crap going on in my non-academic life and did lousy, though I will say, I didn't fail. Erg. Now to get an "A" I must get 2 100's. Although let's just say to get a "B" in the class I only have to get an 82 or above on the next 2 exams, so it's not like I bombed the first one. Just did a shitty job. Grrr. Clearly I need to resort my priorities. Which is why I'm going to read at least 2 Con Bio chapters and 1 Animal Behavior chapter BEFORE I head out to the supermarket to buy the butter I need for the shortbread I'm making for book club.

Yes, priorities must be reordered. Bah.


Excalibur said...

I'm sure you'll pull through. It looks like you've already been given your kick in the pants.

I always have very high expectations for you!

Good luck and if I can be of any assistance you know where I am.

Al said...

thanks dear :)

amy said...

Dude, 1/4 for that answer is stupid. You should at least get half!

Al said...

That's WHAT I SAID! that little bastard! I'll kick ass on the next exam!

Excalibur said...

And avoid drawing outside of the lines, LOL.