Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just read an excerpt from Siri Agrell's book "Bad Bridesmaid" and all I have to say is: where do I get my copy? Clearly this woman has done her research. I was only half a bridesmaid, and by half I mean was asked, said yes, bought the dress, which was a glorified prom dress (the groom's sister said it had to be a two piece halter dress or else she wouldn't be in the wedding) a size too big for me because the bride wanted to be the skinniest and PERIWINKLE, only to have the bride cancel the wedding three months before launch date and be stuck with this hideous periwinkle monstrosity that did not even once come in contact with my body. I did eventually part with it and sent it to one of those prom charities that provide dresses for needy girls. That's what it was perfect for. When I was 16 I probably would've drooled over a $168 periwinkle pouf-skirt 2 piece with a beaded halter. 8 years later, not so much. Anyways, the quotation:

More than a wearable wedding accessory, the bridesmaid dress has developed into a modern tool of female ritual humiliation. One suspects that there is a global conspiracy afoot to persuade women to dress up like idiots and bound down an aisle-way to turn us against each other so we can never unite toward the goal of total world domination.

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