Friday, September 01, 2006

Starbucks Cup #169 Beth Israel Deaconess

Yes folks, it's getting to be that season: grande latte HOT season and with grad school right around the corner, cough cough TUESDAY, cough cough, I think that there will be more grande lattes than ever consumed, though I do not feel guilty about this, because no matter what you have to say about Starbucks and it's chain-ness it 1. pays their employees' benefits as long as they work half time or more 2. they work with Kenyan coffee growers to grow a sustainable product 3. they generally do good stuff for deserving people. With that out of the way, I give you:

The Way I See It # 169

Life's too short to read a book you
don't love. At age 50 or younger,
give a book 50 pages to see if you
like it. Over 50, subtract your age
from 100 and that's the number of
pages to read before you bail on a
book you're not enjoying. And
when you turn 100, you get to
judge a book by its cover!

--Nancy Pearl
Librarian and author of Book Lust.

I found this to be a funny one, given the fact that everyone at book club last night desperately wanted to abadon Orhan Pamuk's Snow, which was a brutal read for most of us. Of course, I am glad that we do not abide by the above rule at my book club. We try to read the book to the end, even if it's torture and besides, everyone else would only have to read about 40 pages before bailing whereas I would have to read 76 if we use the 100 rule!!

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