Thursday, August 31, 2006

The blog wherein I retract certain judgments of Project Runway contestants

Jeffrey : you're a bastard, I cannot believe you made someone's mom cry. It's disgusting. Your negative personality poisons your designs for me, even when they're good, I can't like them. Because I hate you. The end.

Michael: you are still the best. You kick some serious ass and I hope you win it all. Plus way to say nice things about Angela when she got eliminated. Probably because she wasn't a threat to you, and Jeffrey is so insecure he had to continue to be a d*ck even when she got eliminated.

Laura: I still love your designs, I don't care what the people say! And go ahead and be a bitch, you're pregnant, though the fact that it's your sixth kid is somewhat disturbing to me...

Vincent: retract statement. In the past you have been annoying to me. You kind of still are, but after I saw the Mom episode I have to say that I have a lot more respect for you. It's not actually because you won, it's because you "got it." You basically said that you were lucky to get a slimmer mom, but body size is not an excuse for designing badly because the general population of women come in all shapes and sizes and that's who buys your clothes. I saw the glimmer of a sane man in the midst of madness and I respect that. Still don't think you have a chance in hell of winning though, my friend.

Uli: she's so cute! She's a great designer and I can't believe the Calvin Klein judge hated on her for her dress which I thought was fabulous. What were they talking about, the dress being "warm climate"? Yeah it had a tropical color scheme, but she could totally rock that dress out in a non-warm party city like....uh....Reykjavik

Kayne: Kayne of many colors. You are tacky, kind of loud and full of drama, and look like you wear FOUNDATION. Last night, however, you were pretty hilarious, and I loved it when you were taking runway tips from Michael. Fabulous :) That outfit from last night was pretty bad though.

So yeah. That's my recap. Ugh, I wish it had helped me clear my head......blah

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