Friday, August 04, 2006

I think it must be Thursday

So people are always asking "what's your favorite day of the week?"

Most people say Friday or Saturday, maybe even Sunday, but I think my favorite is Thursday. Why?
Well Friday is already the weekend to me. By Friday, you're already losing time. On Thursday night you can sit back and envision the weekend, the freedom of Friday night, and then two glorious days to fill with non-work related crap. Wonderful.

Last night, after we came home from a glorious, and I mean GLORIOUS, dinner at the Barker Tavern, I started thinking about all the things I could and should do this weekend.

Here are the shoulds:

change the bed
do the laundry
file the bills
organize crafts cause they're out of control
organize everything else

here are the coulds:

overhaul overgrown garden
scrapbook kenya
scrapbook rest of 2005
finish pile of sewing on sewing table
cross stitch

here are the already doings:

meeting my sister at the Cheesecake Factory for din din
seeing "Little Miss Sunshine" with friends
researching new computers *grin*

This list alone shows how full of possibility you can be on a Friday!
By Sunday, I will have done 2 things on the should, one on the could. But at least I will have finished the already doings :)

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Marc said...

You went to one of my favorite restaurants. I go to the Barker Tavern only every now and then, but always for special occasions. It's such a traditional New England place. I just wish I lived closer to it!