Friday, September 15, 2006


Ok, so I try to keep this blog pretty a-political. This is for a couple reasons:

1. usually politics isn't something I loooove discussing. Unless it's the politics of reality TV such as Project Runway or America's Next Top Model (I know, soooo bad)

2. I try to see both sides of the coin and this gets people mad sometimes because they just want me to hate George Bush/Al Gore/Donald Trump/Gloria Steinem (hahhah not really, who doesn't love that fantastic biatch?!) or whomever, and though I may not like these people, I don't necessarily hate them because in general I try not to judge people whose jobs I would hate so much I'd've jumped out of a 9th story window a long time ago (any politician or business person basically, mad love to those who can do it though).

3. you can look at so many other blogs for political shit.

that being said


I've avoided it for a long time. I've read a few of her articles which I found extremely right-wing but laughable. She wrote it about how the NYTimes had become so leftist liberal it should be blown up. Definitely not cool, but I was like 'whatev, let her have her little rant, we all can't be liberals' When she came to Smith, there was protest and outrage, but I ignored it. I didn't go see her cause I wasn't interested, but I actually thought it was kind of cool to have an ultra-conservative on a liberal campus. It's America, it's freedom baby!

THEN. TODAY. I went to to look up a book that a recent Tufts grad wrote. It sounds really fabulous. I will probably buy it, actually. Then out of boredom and the need to find a new book to read (even though I am rereading the fabulous Isabel Allende's "Daughter of Fortune") I clicked on the New York Times bestseller list. Fiction looked crappy, so I cruised down to the non-fiction section, since book club has really turned me on to non-fiction. So I see Ann Coulter's "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" and decide to read a little excerpt. She makes these broad statements about "liberal" people, things I think are on the whole untrue, but have maybe a teeny basis in some groups of hyper-liberal people. whatev, they're pretty funny. Then I read THIS:

Our book is Genesis. Their book is Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the original environmental hoax. Carson brainwashed an entire generation into imagining a world without birds, killed by DDT. Because of liberals’ druidical religious beliefs, they won’t allow us to save Africans dying in droves of malaria with DDT because DDT might hurt the birds. A few years after oil drilling began in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, a saboteur set off an explosion blowing a hole in the pipeline and releasing an estimated 550,000 gallons of oil. It was one of the most devastating environmental disasters in recent history. Six weeks later, all the birds were back. Birds are like rats—you couldn’t get rid of them if you tried.

Where the F*CK does she get off saying this BULLSH*T
Doesn't she know that people got f*cking cancer from DDT?
And does she not see that the Godless liberals abuse the environment like everyone else?
And that a lot of conservatives don't give a sh*t about Africa?
Maybe she'd prefer to spray Africa with DDT. That way, the birds would die, and so would the mosquitoes and a**holes like her wouldn't have to worry about sending aid to Africa anymore because all the people there would get lung diseases or cancer and die, thus wiping out the entire continent and making it available for America's capitalist needs, such as oil drilling and factory-building. Oh wait, I'm starting to sound like a God-less liberal. Shoot.

Well I do know one thing. Jesus still loves you, but he's totally disappointed with you, Ann.

Me - I just think you're a pretty ignorant biatch. bleck. I'm gonna sit back and thank the Lord for Rachel Carson now.

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Excalibur said...

Wow, this is pretty intense. She is a mindless dumbass if you ask me.