Friday, September 15, 2006

What Do Dreams Mean?

Last night and the night before, I had two incredibly strange dreams. I think it's because my sleep cycle/life cycle is very confused with the new school and sleeping schedule. Either that or my dreams are just getting weirder as time progresses, which is entirely possible.

The first dream:

I was in a mall somewhere, and I pushed a cart full of clothing into a store. Out of the corner of my eye I see my floozie neighbor (she had an affair with a guy in town. long dramatic story including wife of the guy punching neighbor in face, etc). Now in real life, I don't like this woman, so in my dream I want to avoid her. I start to manuever my cart, but it's totally malfunctioning. I try and figure out a way to get around her, and as I get closer I realize that she is GROWING A BEARD. And not a lady beard either, a bona fide stubble-in-chin-I shave every day beard. "Oh SHIT!!!" I think gleefully. Now I really need to go because I need to tell everyone that I saw the ho growing a beard. Just as I go to go behind her I crash into the very rack of clothes that she's looking at!! NO! She turns and I try to play it off like I just noticed her, all casual. "Oh hey Laurie" I say. She turns to me and I get a really good look at the beard. She looks me up and down and says "Don't pretend like you didn't see me, I know you saw me, I know you're trying to avoid me....." she pauses and glances at the bowl of ice cream that has suddenly appeared in my cart... "Ice cream bitch." I stare at her, manuever the cart around her finally and as I leave I say "yup, that's me, the ice cream bitch!!"

last night's dream was even stranger to me. I had a toothache in one of my right molars, and when I wiggled it, I realized it was loose. I started working the tooth out, thinking the whole time "this can't be good for my permanent molar!" I got it half way but then had to see a dentist about it. He started to pull, and though the whole time I was thinking "I really don't want a huge gap there" he yanked it out anyways. He looked at it and said "Wow, that's why it hurts." When he handed it to me, I saw this strange conglomeration of teeth, as if two had fused on top of each other. The bottom was also covered with some gunk, and the hygienist said "that's all the buildup from not flossing properly." I was annoyed because since my last check up I have become a religious flosser. I went to the sink to wash my tooth (it was not bloody. How strange.) and as I washed it, it began to change. At first it was clean and white, but then it started to turn brown, and by the time I had washed it, it had turned to wood. I held it up in front of me, shocked, and as the dentist walked by to another room he said, "that's why it had to come out. those are what caused so much pain." I looked to the spot he was pointing to with his pen. Suddenly, the wooden tooth was full of holes. "Termites?" I asked him. "Yes" he said, and nodded gravely.

How weird is that?

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