Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Starbucks Cup #100, Beth Israel Deaconess Boston

The Way I see It #100
What if, in addition to filing a tax
return every year, we had the
chance to decide where our tax
dollars would be used? Programs
and government departments
that no one likes would simply
go away.
--Bart Jarman
Starbucks customer from
Gilbert, Arizona.
Well Bart from Arizona, I am indeed very glad that YOU do not get to make these decisions, because it's dumbasses like you who think that we can live in a utopian society without organizations and government and programs who would choose not to give money too.....hmmm. examples, the police, because they're "so aggressive" or "too authoritarian" or "mean" or "rude" and then when I'm in a car accident on the side of the road, no one comes to help me cause a bunch of assholes decided not to pay for police. Or the DPW let's say, because what do they do but "sit around parked in an empty lot sleeping" right? yeah, so a sinkhole opens in the road and swallows my car. Not only is it stuck there with me in it because you decided not to put up the money for the police, but now it's never gonna get fixed, and you're gonna have to close the road forever because no one there to fill the gigantic, gaping 7-foot wide, 5-foot deep sinkhole that's hanging out in the middle of the ROAD.
hahhhaha clearly pessimism today!

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