Sunday, February 26, 2006

stolen from my sister

I stole this from my sister's livejournal cause my blog window was still open from this afternoon and I thought "hey why not, it's something to do besides watching TV"

open up your media player. load up all your MP3s. Set it to random. List the first 20 songs that play. no cheating. bold the ones you find most embarrassing (if there are some.) Italicize your favorites. Underline your least favorites. post your list in your journal so others can mock and scorn and laugh.....

1. Carl's Fishing Net -from "Snow Falling on Cedars"
2. Journey through Africa -from "Nowhere in Africa"
3. Only If - Enya
4. Alma Mater, Smith College - Smith College Choir? Glee Club?
5. Music for the Nagangabana - The Baka People of Cameroon
6. Shake - Swahili bootleg CD bought in Kitengela Kenya
7. I Must Pass- from the documentary "Africa"
8. Kanan Neni - Raka Traore from the documentary "Africa"
9. The German Soldier -from "Snow Falling on Cedars
10. Ballad of John and Yoko - The Beatles
11. Szerelem, Szerelem -from "The English Patient
12. Get Back - The Beatles
13. EI - Nelly
14. You'll Keep Me Then? -from "Out of Africa"
15. Inkanyezi Nezazi -Ladysmith Black Mambazo
16. Karen Builds A School -from "Out of Africa
17. Something - The Beatles
18. In My Life -Chantal Krez-difficult-last-name-girl-who-sung-the-theme-song-to "providence"
19. Tearing Herself Away -from "The Hours"
20. In the Ghetto - Cartman

This was fun. Of course after I did the first 20, I heard all the songs I really like, like Check it Out by the Beastie Boys, Thin Line by J5 featuring Nelly Furtado, and Cry to Me, Solomon Burke. The above list doesn't really capture my style, though I like soundtracks and african music. I'm just glad Nelly got in there, hahahahha.

An African chant in Kikuyu just came on. I closed my eyes and imagined myself in Kenya. I am grateful music has the ability to transport you. Now "Heart Asks Pleasure First" in on from "The Piano." It is so incredibly passionate! I haven't listened to that soundtrack in forever, it's so wonderful. I should watch the movie, another great film. This soundtrack always made me want to move and dance too. Probably because I wrote papers to it in college, and when I fast song came on I"d take the opportunity to get up and MOVE. Oh boy, now Stevie Nicks is singing "Sunday Kind of Love.."......kind of puts a......heh heh heh moooooood ;-) And my cue to leave this post "It's five o'clock somewhere" I do believe it is time for me to hit the Captain and coke..

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