Wednesday, February 15, 2006

my sister teaches me about exercise

moon goddess: guys should be building muscles and girls should be toning them
wildorchid: ahhh ok
moon goddess: because girls aren't built to build muscle
moon goddess: and guys are
wildorchid: ohh ok
moon goddess: my teacher was like, "i'm not being sexist. girls' bodies just aren't built that way"
wildorchid: if someone said that to me I would be like "I agree"
wildorchid: hahahahah
wildorchid: it's not sexist, it's just, you know, the facts
wildorchid: we were meant to have babies
wildorchid: the men were meant to lift the heavy shit we can't
moon goddess: hahahaha
moon goddess: and build pyramids and crap
wildorchid: yep
wildorchid: useless stuff
moon goddess: hahaha

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