Sunday, February 19, 2006

Starbucks Cup # 78, venti latte, Hampton, LI, NY

The Way I See It #78

My inspiration for writing comes from
the mundane details of my day.
I hear a song in the hum of the
New York subway, in the drops of rain
on the city street,
in the buzz of overheard
conversations in a crowded park.
The aim of my songwriting is to
translate these ordinary,
everyday moments into something
transcendental and universally inspiring.
-- John Legend
Musician. His songs can be heard on
Starbucks Hear Music™ station,
XM Satellite Radio Channel 75.
This Latte saved my ass and my boyfriend's as I was falling asleep at the wheel driving back from Montauk. I spotted a quaint little brick Starbucks in a quaint little village on Long Island and basically stopped the car in front of it, gathered enough wits about me to actually legally park, and then bolted towards Starbucks without even asking Jam if he wanted anything (which I did go back and do!) Just holding the latte seemed to wake me up, and the Vanilla Sunshine Cupcake I purchased didn't hurt either. Anyways, that delicious latte was consumed at record speed and kept me awake and even bitchy until at least 11pm.....though I was only really bitchy for a short portion of that time, I swear..............;)

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