Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's been almost a month of procrastination and sloth.

I've decided that I'm back.

I'm in the mood to get.stuff.done!

I'm in the mood to finish up my wedding blog (yeah, I know we already got married, but the blog still gets traffic from brides-to-be looking for ideas, so I'm committed to finishing it up and putting all my DIY stuff on there).

I'm in the mood to CLEAN. Major pantry revision coming this weekend, stay tuned.

I'm in the mood to CRAFT..kinda...sorta...ok I'm still getting there.

I'm in the mood to HELP! It's time to clean out the old storage unit and get work clothes to a women's back to work program, time to dry clean those bridesmaid dresses to donate to local prom dress charity, it's time to donate things to a local special needs school that runs a thrift shop, it's time to knit squares to make blankets for women in Uganda, it's time to put together hygiene kits for church...and I still wait for the call to help the people of Japan in ways other than donating money (though donating money is a good way to help! Here is a link. I'd add to that list Church World Services - members of my church have been on mission trips and seen their work in action. This is the group that collects our hygiene kits!). Ready to help.

Oh, and I'm ready to garden. Yeah. But I need to wait on that a bit - a few more weeks.

I think that despite my sheer exhaustion from our "spring ahead" daylight savings adventure, the additional daylight has done me good (and if you know me at all, I hesitate to ever call myself exhausted, it's not a term I use lightly....but I use it here because it's been years since I've fallen asleep at work, and this week, it happened!). I also decide to start taking control of the crap in my life, like fitness, and money, you know, the unfun junk that I like to avoid. I also got a haircut. My head feels lighter. ha.

So yeah. Yay for gettin' my groove back. It had to happen.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm psyched you're getting your groove back. That's awesome! I'm kinda is grand but love is tough. Can we have lunch soon? Or dinner? I miss you, friend.