Thursday, March 24, 2011

Morning Distractions

When I graduated from college, I already had a job, and yeah, I felt special. Sure, it was a temporary one, but I was CERTAIN it would turn into my career. Oh optimistic college grad, how stupid you were!

When I did not get rehired by a different lab at the end of the summer, I didn't worry - there had to be something out there for me to do, right?


By Thanksgiving I was desperate and turned to retail, Ann Taylor Loft, specifically. This was probably the worst possible choice since the job came with a ATL charge card and a 40% discount. I was making a little more than minimum wage, but I had a closet full of smashing women's business casual wear.

Luckily, the clothes lasted longer than the job, which I kept after being hired at the cancer hospital. I was eventually let go when a new management team came aboard - the new manager told me that she thought I lacked "commitment to the ATL retail team" and that she couldn't "trust a person who worked 8 hours a week." Never got what that was about, but I do know that manager lasted about 6 weeks before getting fired, and the manager who took her place later tried to hire me back. I guess my clothes-folding skills and the humor I brought to the job were still discussed among the remaining employees.

Anyways, that was years and years ago, but I'm still rocking a lot of the clothes I bought during my ATL stint, even though I am not as lithe and athletic as I was in those days (when I could still run without the hindrance of shin splints, before I met Jamaal and he introduced me to soul food). Yes, some of the clothes are a bit snug, but usually with the right amount of layering or a camisole underneath a shirt, I look presentable, so ATL clothes are in my rotation on a regular basis.

Today was one of those days I slept horribly late despite setting the alarm on my phone. I woke up at 7:20, despite my desire to be out of the house at 7:15. Fail. And of course we're getting one last winter blast here in Boston, so I have to set aside a teeny bit of time to brush my car off. I leap into the shower, get out and put on my makeup, skip drying my hair, pull on a pair of corduroy pants and a button down that is a little tight in the ol' rack. BUT, that's OK, I have a wrap sweater, a navy wool one that I could live in all winter if I had to. I put everything on, look fairly pulled together, and reach for my tweed coat....but I'm missing a button. Eff.

I pull out my down coat....but it's supposed to reach 40 today, I think, I'll die of heat stroke on the red line...I pull off the sweater, pull on the down coat, and intend to shove the sweater in my purse.....but that never happens. Instead I rummage through the fridge to find my leftover pad thai, dig a business-sized envelope out of the pantry for Jamaal, look for my ipod, look for my phone, look for my ID badge, which was in my purse the whole time, and then jet out the door to clear off the car.

I realized I forgot my sweater when I was parking at the T garage. Ugh. Normally this would not be a tragedy, normally, this would not even be worthy of a blog post, normally I would not give a buttons are kinda gaping open and my shirt rides up when I sit down....and I'm not alone in my office like I thought I would be today, I'm in the presence of several pairs of scrutinizing eyes. You can see my can see my little fleshy bits sticking out around my waist. UGH x 2 Luckily I keep a shawl at work so I can cover up some of my wardrobe issues, but still. I feel a little naked. Oh and a little squishy, ha ha. Guess I better take a run after work...and lift some weights. Ha.

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