Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Sister's Tumblr

My sister has a rockin' tumblr page that makes me JEALOUS. I want a tumblr page too! I already blog too much at work though. Eek.

It's funny because docking the boat at our grandparent's (Bear Island, Lake Winnipesaukee, sometimes big waves) can be the most dramatica thing ever when there are whitecaps and a stiff north wind. This weekend I took a flying leap out of the boat and watched it drift a little further and further away from the dock. Now I have a hard time remembering that it's a boat, and unlike a car, you have a ton of leeway for maneuvering and backing up and trying a re-approach is not really a big deal - it's not a car that you risk running off the road. Anyways, in my panic, I meet my dad's eyes and say "THROW ME THE ROPE!!!!!!" which he threw, two-handed at me, like a poisonous snake. Looking back, it must've been the most insane boat docking of all time. Luckily my sister has the ability to see the hilarity in just about any situation. She gets out of the boat and says "Gimme the whip! Throw me the idol!!!!" Of course I follow up with "Adios, Dr. Jones....mwhahahahahahahhahha"

We could be a traveling comedy show, I swear.

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