Tuesday, September 21, 2010

T minus 18 insane days

So the wedding fast approaches!
I won't bore you with the crap I haven't finished...
but I will bore you with the things I have fantasized about in the past day in order to avoid dwelling on unfinished wedding things (or my chest cold, or my sudden gastro-intestinal distress...tragic, but well timed, because no one wants to be worried about (as my mom calls it) "running to the bathroom" in a wedding dress!)


1. going to some random, rural locale in the Rockies with Jam where it's quiet and we don't know anyone. We find a quiet spot, near a creek, dip our toes in the water and have a picnic. Thanks a billion "Enjoying the Small Things" for putting that fantasy in my head!

2. Spending some time on a farm

3. Crocheting a blanket while snowed in, not moving from the couch except to pee and eat until it's finished

4. Making an apple pie (not an unreasonable fantasy, but no time)

5. Hiking/camping - ESCAPING! This actually might be possible, if I can convince the Jamonster. The subaru has a fixed muffler and I know this campsite in Western Mass....hmmm.

But yeah. I'm looking for some escapism I guess, but there is no time to be fantasizing! There is work to be done! I have menus to print! Escort cards to design! I must focus.....

....now the Grand Tetons must be lovely in the fall........


amy_c said...

I read Enjoying the Small Things this morning and was like, "Oh man, I have GOT to get back out to Montana." It's my secret fantasy to pack up my computer and camera and just move out there for a year or so.

elizabeth said...

Allison, I think now would be an excellent time for you to take advantage of your bridal shower gift from me and get a balance. I'm worried about this cold lingering amid your stress; I want you healthy on your big day! Think of it as a pre-wedding massage...for your brain, body, spirit, and more! What are you doing Saturday night? I'll come to you....