Thursday, September 02, 2010

Foster Parrots

Most of you four or five readers (tee hee) know that I used to volunteer EVERY Saturday at a local parrot shelter. I know I mentioned that they moved to a wonderful facility in Rhode Island so they can set up a better "habitat" for the birds and care for even more abandoned/abused exotic animals. This means I only visit the sanctuary about once a year...which is sad, though pet-sitting for the directors helps me get my animal fix!

Apparently a project is in the works for FP and the PR person needed photos of birds that are "striking." He asked me to send him some thing and I thought "ugh, all I have is CRAP" but to be nice, I sent him what I thought were my "best," including this shot of Jane Goodall from the Grand Opening of the sanctuary:

The other photos were exclusively birds...and while looking at them I realized that 1. I am a halfway decent self-taught photographer 2. I love birds because they exude so much personality. People hate on birds - you hear it all the time. They cringe and say "why would I have a bird when I can have a dog?" or "birds freak me out" - whatever, birds are pretty damn awesome and SMART. Not that I don't totally love dogs, want a dog, and think most dogs are smart, it's just that science has proven that large long-lived birds are smart in terms of animal smartness - think monkey and dolphin smart, think toddler-smart. The birds at FP do everything from let themselves out of cages that I probably couldn't let myself out of, talk and say things in context (ie one of the "bad birdies" calling a volunteer a "f*cking c*nt" in frustration....we were shocked and horrified....then laughed) to learning how to manipulate people into getting what they want. Seriously! These creatures have big big personalities....I wish more people loved them as much as I and all the FP folk do:


Elizabeth said...

Ok I am in love with that little red guy. That photo makes me laugh out loud! You are an awesome photographer too, Al. It's true. :)

Also - Because I am BEYOND stressed, I am so so so looking forward to your bachelorette party. Not only do I get to hang with you and my lady friends, but there will be spa-goodness! Oh I can't wait....

Love you,
One of your 4-500 readers :)

Al said...

I love them all!! Aw and thanks for giving me photog cred :)

Also bachelorette will be fun and CHILL. Maybe even a little lame (we are planning on food, drinks and cheesy wedding movies such as "Man of Honor") but throw in the spa stuff and a sleepover with my favorite gallies? Sign me UP!

Elizabeth said...

Bachelorette will be AWESOME. I know this BEYOND DOUBT. Come on, Al! "What's with all the hate?!!" Hee hee.... I think I need a printout of the little red bird. He makes me smile every time i look at him...and I'm in need of smiling!

everything and nothing said...

Finally catching up on your blog. These photos are great! I especially like bird who looks like an African Grey, kinda, but with a red head, cockatiel/too (I get them confused), and little crazy flourescent bird.
Birds are really fascinating and I've learned a lot about them from you. I like how smart they are and how different from people. But as pets, I know they aren't the best fit for me, personality-wise.

everything and nothing said...
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Al said...

Rach! I wish more people understood birds they way you do! I wish more people could understand that they're smart and amazing but might not be a good fit - I bet FP would be a lot less crowded :P

Speaking of birds, I will have to tell you how Lily is obsessed with Jam. OBSESSED. To the point where I'm kinda like "seriously, this is the thanks I get for scratching your head, feeding you and cleaning up your crap for 9 years? where is the loyalty?!"