Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still Moving

I can't wait to post pics of our apartment here.
But alas, it's still being unpacked piece by piece.
It's coming together though - the craft pantry? OMG, it's like a dream come true. I have what is described as a "super-legit" craft space. EEEK!

Other things - like where to unpack and put our clothes - well they're coming along at a snail's pace, LOL. My clothes are strewn about in two differe
nt rooms in multiple different bags and suitcases. DISORDER.

Lucky for us, we bought a bedroom set yesterday. Jam had scoped it out over the weekend and liked it, and I went in for the second view. After two nights of sleeping on an air mattress (yes I know that is nothing - but I am getting old and I'm a lightweight when it comes to sleep comfort and I have sciatica people!) I was ready to buy just about anything, but luckily we found something we both really liked, a queen-sized bed with d
rawer storage. We bought two dressers and a mirror as well (llllurve) and I'm looking forward to getting all our stuff put away. While we do actually have an embarrassing amount of clothes, we don't have a TON of storage. Ironic because we have a pantry and about a million cabinets in the kitchen - not so in the bedrooms. There's a bootleg closet someone built, but the built-in closet that came with the bedroom is this odd 2'x2'x2' triangl
e....which really threw them off of the room-planning scheme at the furniture store. Oh well, all is good now, we'll have tons of storage. Jam is worried a
bout TV placement, but I have assured him that we c
an put it on top of his dresser and we'll be fine.

Why his dresser?

Well. The hummingbird tray needs a home after all :)

I was so pleased to see it unwrapped and out of storage. I felt like Royal Tenenbaum did when he finally tracked down his beloved javelina: "There you are!"
Heh heh.

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