Thursday, August 06, 2009


Since getting engaged a looong time ago (ok about...17 months ago) I have been avoiding buying too many household things.

Don't worry - I've been compensating by buying other random sh*t...

But, I have totally been avoiding things like sheets, towels, organizational things, furniture, etc, because I've been anticipating sharing a home with the man for a while now.
Of course it is taking a WHILE for him to secure a job up here. This actually isn't that big of a deal because I know he'll be up here eventually, I like my space, blah blah blah. As time goes on though, I am able to concoct more and more a ridiculous fantasy of our living space in my head.

We plan on securing an apartment. I've been to some of these new-fangled apartment complexes and will say, they are fantastic. A friend moved into a 2-bedroom, close to the T (correction: free shuttle to the T), pool, tennis courts, parking, garage, en suite laundry, etc. It's beautiful. But it's also too modern for me, almost chilly. I'm not sure what will tickle Jam's fancy, but I have to admit, I love the apartments by my grandma's old place, in the Merrymount section of Quincy because they are older and full of character (tried to post a pic but the only one I could find from the area was a housefire!!). I love the apts in JP for the same reason. Old! Details! Character!

Soo I go ahead and imagine myself in an older (but fabulous) space and begin to mentally decorate. I'm unclear on what exactly Jam will be bringing to the table, or apartment, I should say, but I think it will mostly be his stuff, because no offense if you're reading this love, but I do not adore your black lacquer furniture. There it is. Anywho, the space would have to be amenable to the meshing of our respective tastes. There'd need to be the ability to make our eclectic collection of junk look planned and inherited curio cabinet must go with my Maasai marriage necklaces and look cool....

Eh. Deep down, I am sure it will look jumbled.

I'm not sure what brought on this weird nesting urge. Probably looking at the Anthropologie website for too long,

or a recent visit to a friend's fabulous apartment where she was showing off her crafting space *heaves sigh of jealousy*. Maybe it's the new found space we've created in my office - in response to this spring's swine flu outbreak - and the space I now need to fill with something that is spurring me to think about our future home. Or perhaps it's the afghan I want to knit that really embodies the style I want to go after, wild, ecletic, but with a an ordered theme and pattern:
I once told Jamaal I wanted a "global bazaar" home. He was all "what the HELL is that?" and I said "It's a house superbly decorated with all the handicrafts we've purchased throughout our world travels." He just said OK and looked at me as though I was insane. A girl can dream though, right?!

Gah, I should get away from all this pointlessness and do some real work. Put my anthropologie fantasies on hold. It's payday though, and I must admit the hippo candle calls to me. heh.


Elizabeth said...

I love that afgan! Oooh make it! Make it! It'll be gorgeous. Also - I have dreams of my own place. Serious dreams. Now these dreams are on hold due to finances (aka extreme broke-ness) BUT I continue to dream. I want to find a place that is old with character (so important!) and is a 2 bedroom so one can be my office. I need to be able to afford it, so I'm hoping for $1,000 or less, although I would go up to $1,200. What have you seen out there? Can we dream together?!


Al said...

ha ha ha I have seen nothing that is financially viable. I look at stuff like the 2.8 million dollar estate in JP on 2 acres of land next to a Nature Conservancy butterfly meadow, with a library and indoor pool. Can we say "irrational"? I don't think your wants are completely out of reach though...I'm not so sure about 2 bedrooms in Boston for that, but I bet there's something in Quincy. Question is how far you want to stray, and I am guessing you want to stay in your 'hood :D We can scope out possibilities together someday....

everything and nothing said...

Hi! I'm back from vacation! I do love that afghan. Ok, you may think you're irrational, but I just spent the morning researching goats and goat enclosures. Goats!
Maybe they can stay at your mansion.

Al said...

goats are awesome. Are you going to have some urban goats? If so can I borrow them when we weed? They can eat poison ivy!