Friday, August 21, 2009

Oooohhh I soooo don't want to work!

I am procrastinating hard today.
I have an excited feeling bubbling up from deep down's nearly THE WEEKEND!
Weekends are just so full of possibility. Also, this weekend heralds the light at the end of the tunnel: when it is through, I get to see the orthopedist.

Is it sad that this is a big treat? I guess not, not when you've been sleeping with a pillow between your legs for 10 days (sounds naughty, but is sooo not) and you only get pain relief for about four hours a day when the aleve kicks in. Not that the orthopedist will necessarily help this, but he might have some sort of solution. Or splint...

Anyways, yes, the weekend. It will involve lots of cooking because we are having (shh) a party for my mom. It's her birthday. Not a special one - ok all birthdays are special - not a significant milestone year, but I guess my dad just felt like a party and planned one....or rather, told my sister and I to plan one, LOL. So cooking awaits, but before that I have to go to the farmer's market to stock up on fresh delicious goodness. I haven't been all year (the shame) and all of the sudden have a craving for lots of fresh berries and peaches - weird! I think I will probably buy more than I need for the party just so I can make some berry muffins on Saturday or Sunday. Lovely.

Oh, and I have to buy some fabulous flowers. I also have to go to the Paper Source (oh boo hoo, such a chore (-: ) to buy some gifties. Then to the cinema to buy mom's gift from Jamaal (ha ha we're not even married yet and I'm already doing his shopping) and then to PetSmart to stock up for the various pets:


After that I am going to go home and flop onto the couch and elevate and ice the bum leg because I have a party to go to Saturday evening!! In the midst of tears and frustration on Wednesday night Jamaal told me I wasn't going anywhere over the weekend because I can't exactly put weight on my leg, but I really want to make it to my friend's grad party. ugh. dumb injury. I think I can overcome it though ;)

What else? Oh right! The party - I am cooking stuffed peppers and maybe a peach pie (or maybe I will just make bellinis with the peaches I plan to buy!). I am also in charge of guac I think. Then there's green salad, fruit salad, pasta salad. I am thinking that the fruit salad will be sort of "make your own" - my grandma, who is a bit cranky about food, can't really have berries, so I am thinking of putting them aside so people can add at leisure. Hmm. That might work.

Since this blog post is about my boring weekend, I am going to spice it up with some of my favorite links. heh heh yeah. So exciting.

First of all, there's a blog I can't get enough of lately. I've been reading it for just about a year. It's called the Nie Nie Dialogues. I picked it up when the Nielson's plane crashed and Stephanie and Christian were badly injured. It's been a year since the crash and their story is just remarkable. Today I was watching the first news broadcasts from YouTube and compared them to the posts Stephanie has put on her blog in the last few days - it really makes you believe that miracles can happen. Read it - you will be inspired.

Next, it's not a full day without a wedding blog shout out! Style Me Pretty is the pinnacle of wedding awesomeness. Even if you're not getting married, read it for the sheer gorgeousness of everything that makes its way across that blog.
Add Image
Conversations with a Cupcake. I so dare you not to bake. Actually, I only visit this site when I know I don't have time to bake, otherwise I'd go home every day and cook. And be fat. Or fatter than I am now, I should say, LOL.

The Meanest Mom and Mimi Smartypants. I don't read a ton of mom blogs since I'm not even married, nevermind a mom (I know they're not mutually exclusive, but I'm trying to go in my chosen order, ha ha ha). EE started me on dooce, and they somehow led to the Mom Blogiverse, but I am glad I found these two hysterical ladies because they can always brighten my day.

So I am not a New Yorker like my dear fiance, but I can appreciate what the city has to offer, one of the things being Central Park, an oasis in the urban center of the East Coast (yes I admit to it being bigger than Boston!) Marie Winn brings us nature news from the park and city, and I've often been inspired to get out in my own back yard after reading her posts.

After linking to a link to a link to a link I stumbled upon this bella e fantastica blog from Italy. Oh it makes you want to pack up your summer dresses and sandals and fly off to the Italian countryside. It is also rich in recipes, so again, I dare you not to cook.

Another link link link situation brought me here, back to Africa. I should know by now that this is unavoidable.

Well it's coffee time for me as I skipped breakfast. I need some fuel. I also need a little break from my coworker - I love her, but she has bad asthma and sometimes has "bad days" where she has to clear her throat literally ever 20 seconds. It's unnerving. Coffee break and I'll be ready to go.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


everything and nothing said...

Procrastinating is right! Hope your leg feels better this weekend. I'm glad I don't have asthma; it is NASTY out today. Also: I saw that you read A Moveable Feast. How was it?

Al said...

a moveable feast was really story in the end about f. scott fitzgerald was soooo weird but entertaining nonetheless.