Monday, August 10, 2009


I went to see Julie & Julia over the weekend.
As I expected. Or actually, better than I expected, and let me tell you, I had HIGH expectations.

Later, out on the sidewalk, we were all talking about cooking classes and blogs and life, etc. My friend EE said "Allison writes a hilarious blog!"


I think I write a boring, complainy, self-indulgent blog.

Though I appreciate the compliment :)

After that all I could think was "I want to have an exciting spicy and funny blog!"

I really do.
So I'm going to work on that.

BUT - I have to leave work early today and have the most raging case of seasonal (August? seriously?) allergies happening and can't focus too well on spice.

The spice is coming though. I hope. I promise ;)


DEWH said...

I'm waiting for SPICE! but i take you bland too. As long as it's tied with a bow.

everything and nothing said...

Well, you know I check your blog obsessively. Also, it is so much better than anything I could do, it gives me an inferiority complex.

Al said...

Oh thank you for liking me bland too ;)

And shut up R that is SOOOO not true. I write so crappily on this thing people probably think I failed high school english. Also I use aol speak "LOL" ha ha ha dumb.

Elizabeth said...

Al, it amuses me to NO END that you use aol speak. I'm almost used to it by now....almost. Still, it kills me EVERY TIME!!! :::cackles maniacally:::