Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am really cranky today.
And I know why.

It's the same old sh*t that makes me cranky again and again.
Oh, well plus something else, LOL, something legit and physical.

The first is being back in that competition I don't want to be in, but am helplessly sucked into by a distant friend's suggestions, comments and predictions. UGH. Of course dear fiance LOVES bringing it up. All I have to say about it, because I am tired, so tired of it, is: the sooner he is up here and we're together, the better. Because the conversations, the suggestions, the unsolicited advice, the "I'm probably going to have a baby by next spring?" Exhausting. Plus me finding it exhausting and not wanting to talk about it and having any reaction except pure joy makes me feel bad too. And frustrated. Why do I care SO MUCH. I guess it's because every comment is a piece of meat dangled in front of me and the commenter is waiting for me to react. I feel like I'm being tested and it drives me crazy. I told a friend that no one else makes me feel this way, WTF is up? She said "talk to her about it." Have I done that? No. But in my defense, this is the first time in a long time I've felt this way. UGH. Must shake feelings of ickiness.

On a higher note, my new boy coworker (boy would be irrelevant except that I've never worked at the D-F with a boy. EVER. and never in the office!) is fixing our printer. He asked me permission first, which makes me laugh as I have suddenly become the office matriarch at 27 LOL. I said "GFI" seriously - do whatever. Too funny.

So the second frustrating thing which I do not feel bad being cranky about in any way shape or form is my LEG.
Yes, it is still bothering me, I am still limping. I am still CRANKIFIED about it!
Yesterday though, I finally met someone who legitimized all my crankiness. I saw an orthopedist who totally rocked. Everyone told me he was a great doctor and when I met him and started chatting I thought "yep. this guy is good...he's listening, he's not writing me off, and he's thinking the problem though..." Of course not being written off means tests, tests, tests. Thursday I have to go in for a bone scan. If that's normal, then it's on to MRI. To some, this would seem backwards, but because the ortho is leaning towards stress fracture, we're starting with the bones because the x-rays I got a week ago? Junk. Reassuring, eh? Oh well.

So while I am very very happy with the orthopedist and like him a lot, I am still hobbling. He was hesitant to splint anything in case I have something torn or ripped tendon-wise (he said some fancy tendonitis name that I forget LOL) so for now it's more of the same: no running, favor the leg when necessary (aka all the time) motrin/tylenol for pain, ice and elevation for comfort. Oy.

Anywho. I'm going to stop bitching and Hulu (can I make this a new verb?) Season 1 of Lost. That will make me happy x 10. Oh and research a trip to Vegas. Just because.

There's some spice for you. Bitchy Spice. But there it is ;)


everything and nothing said...

A few things, and many exclamation marks:
1. Of course, #1 is that I hope your leg feels better!
2.A BOY??!!! In YOUR office??!!!?? Has this ever happened before?
3. LOST is on Hulu???!!!!?? I will totally start watching it now.

Al said...

Thanks Rach. And YES a BOY in the office. It's totally crazy and has NEVER happened before and that is why we're all aflutter! Y chromosomes! AHHHH!

TOTALLY check out Lost on Hulu. Seasons 1-4 are there! and select episodes of season 5!

Anonymous said...
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