Sunday, July 12, 2009

Venting for just a SECOND

I am the "South Shore Liaison" for my local alumnae club.
My responsibilities total TWO:
1. have a gathering in the spring
2. hold the South Shore Sendoff in July/August.

There is this admissions volunteer in the South Shore area who thinks that it is her job to do this. So last year she flips her SH*T about me planning it. So I invite her to do it jointly and she completely dropped the ball - in a way that was nearly a problematic level of embarrassing. Luckily I managed to cover my ass and pulled off the event a-ok. And I was NOT shy about saying that this other woman disappointed me greatly.

This year I handle everything on my own, wade my way through a dumb evite snafu blah blah blah. I checked my email via phone and saw that this woman had RSVP'd "no." Yes! I thought. Today I open Evite to see "I was planning on holding this event in Duxbury in August for people who want to go." Stupid effing TW@T! Not only is she still on this "it's my job thing" but now she's pirating my evite, because she has nnooooo clue how to pull off the event. She has no contacts at my school and because she's not affliated with our club, she can't get the info.

I shouldn't let it bother me because people are so not going to remember this in a month. But it's irritating...and I've suggested that she take my position on the board when my term is up - I don't intend to be living on the South Shore anymore/much longer than my term expiration in February, but what I get everytime is a toss of the head and an "I'm busy, I'm a lawyer."
Well I am BUSY and a PROJECT MANAGER but I made time to fulfill my responsibilities.


Oh well. I have to be happy with the satisfaction that the whole alumnae club board knows she's an issue. Still it's annoying to feel as though the carpet is going to pulled from under your feet any second...

OK vent over!

In happier news, I got in the pool for the first time all summer and it was glorious!
Also, a friend confided in me and my sister and cousin that she thought her OWN sister was "a weirdo" something we have known for years. The hilarity that ensued was priceless.

That's been my weekend, and it wasn't too shabby :D

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