Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am into short angsty posts this week lol.

A friend from Girl Scout camp is getting married next month. She posted on Facebook something to the effect of "43 days til the wedding! ah!"

I reply "blah blah blah can't believe you're getting married blah blah hope it's not too stressful"
someone else replies "breathe"

Now a word of advice to anyone who might be in a situation where a friend is getting married. DO NOT TELL THEM TO BREATHE! Not only is it trite, but also idiotic. I would be like "I am breathing asshat, I have to to stay alive."

I am a stressful person. I thrive under pressure and when it comes to throwing an event, my best work happens when I am stressed. I accept this and am ok with it. So I plan to be pretty intense when it comes to wedding planning. And NO ONE better tell me to breathe. NOOOO no no. You CAN however, offer to cut and paste things and lick envelopes and make tissue paper flowers. Now THAT sh*t is constructive.

PSA/Vent of the day over.


amy_c said...

Wait - who from GS camp is getting married??

Al said...