Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Update

1. Jamaal and I hashed out wedding stuff. He told me that he would like a prospectus. I typed one, broken down month by month til four days before the wedding (where its broken down by day). He hasn't seen it yet, but I told him I made a seven page wedding plan, color coded broken down into excruciating detail and he was.....happy. Can you believe it? He was like "nice, this is what I need!" The whole time I thought he didn't want the details! This was a lesson in communication. Oh and how we should really live together soon so we can talk on a more regular basis, lol. I see him tomorrow though, so YAY!

2. I planned a NYC bday weekend for my sister and Jam. It is going to rock and I am very excitedface.

3. I went kayaking yesterday...I think my dad and I have "discovered" one of the best places in the whole damn world to kayak. I'm in love with it.

4. My job is slipping through my fingers. I am completely losing my controlling grip. This is ever so slightly alarming. Of course part of it is not my fault at all, which is a mild satisfaction, though the part of it that's not my fault impacts me anyways since the company I work for is withholding money from the hospital until it's fix....but then again, I'm not paid the salary they're withholding either. That should go to the person who takes my old job...which has not been filled. Which then makes me wonder why I'm not getting paid more, since I'm working two jobs. UGH.

5. I am going to NH next week. I am living for Thursday the 23rd when I am FREE.

6. I want to take a photography class. I can't photograph for sh*t with my doubler and forgot all the crap about lighting I learned with the film camera I used to rock.

7. I have been running a lot since May and still weigh exactly the same. How is this possible? How can I explain this to my doctor, who's always like "I wish you would lose just 10lbs" If I still way the same in March when I see her, I'm not sure I'll even convince her that I'm marathon training. Which leads me to believe that dr's scales should have the ability to sort out your weight according to what is fat, muscle, bone, fluid, etc. The end.

8. I am reading another stupid book. That's two in a row. In both cases the women had published quite profusely in the past. I swear I don't know how. The first book was just plain dumb and predictable, the one I'm reading now is chopped up and has basically no character development whatsoever. At least in the first book I cared about the characters to a mild extent. In this second one, I could not care LESS. I think I'll read Green Collar Economy next, get a little non-fiction in there...

9. I have nothing interesting left to say. Therefore I'm cutting myself off before #10. The end.

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